Honestly, it was Kim Kardashian, so it was only a matter of time before she launched her own line of shapewear and we are thrilled. Kim has never been shy about wearing shapewear, often wearing it as outerwear or considering it the most crucial item in her wardrobe.

But now that we have had time to try out SKIMS and compare it to Shapermint, one of the fastest growing online shapewear marketplaces – How does it compare?

Well, we decided to compare two of both company’s best sellers, plus compare their policies on returns and shapewear philosophies. The battle between SKIMS vs. Shapermint begins here:

As you know, the best place to find out the truth is by reading personal reviews and videos about the product. Finding an impartial SKIMS review was a challenge as it is still a new company. But her best selling product was the high-waisted shaping short. It comes in nine different skin tones and different lengths and styles but it only provided light compression.

Shapermint sells several different brands of shaping shorts in different level of compressions. One of their best sellers is the Empetua a shaping short that creates the ideal hourglass figure without flattening your butt.

One Shapermint review stated the following, “I fell in love with my body all over again. I love the comfort, support and quality of my Empetua shaping shorts.”

One of the first products we ordered was the SKIMS bra. We loved the wireless design and support. It was sheer bliss wearing it, but when we compared it to the top selling Shapermint bra (Bali Comfort Bra), we fell in love with it, too. It was extremely comfortable but lacked the sex appeal of the SKIMS bra. So this one was a toss up, we’d order them both.

SKIMS by Kim Kardashian offers free returns and exchanges within 30 days of the shipping date but you will be charged $6 for a restocking fee. Plus all items need to be unworn, washed and with all the tags attached. Shapermint has a very similar return and exchange policy, except that they will deduct $6.95 from your refund except for exchanges. All exchanges are free of charge.

As for shipping fees, Shapermint takes the lead once again in this battle, as it occasionally offers promotions on free shipping on orders over a certain price. At the moment SKIMS hasn’t offered any such promotion. However, both company’s shipping fees are considered non-refundable, as it is a separate service. Makes sense, no complaints there.

Another similarity in both brands is that they provide women with a wide range of styles and designs. Plus, both offer women inclusive shapewear for every shape with sizes from XXS to 5XL.

One of the advantages with SKIMS is that their entire collection comes in nine skin tones, while Shapermint has a more limited variety of color choices. But on the other hand, they do provide you with a larger selection due to the fact the are selling dozens of top shapewear brands such as Empetua, Bali, Maidenform, Squeem, Miraclesuit, etc.

As for their social media presence, we have to agree that both tie here, as they are active on Instagram, Facebok, Twitter and Pinterest. Plus, both companies are trying to promote body positivity and inclusivity through their ad campaigns. Shapermint has taken this to a whole other level by creating an actual shapewear community, dedicated to helping women everywhere embrace their curves – with or without shapewear.

Since SKIMS is a relatively new company, we haven’t had the opportunity to see how they adjust their collection according to the reviews. Even though Shapermint is only two years old, it is praised for actually listening to their customer’s review. They have a strict policy of removing anything that gets 3 stars or less from one of the customers. Three cheers for you!

We honestly love both online shapewear brands, which one do you prefer?


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