Kim Kardashian claims that she has put her heart and soul into her new shapewear brand, but critics haven’t been able to give her a break. First, she was accused of cultural appropriation with the original name of her shapewear company, Kimono.

Within minutes of announcing the name, Kimono, of her shapewear line, she faced fierce backlash from critics and fans alike. Humbly, Kim Kardashian apologized for the error and stated that she never meant to offend anyone, as it was just an innocent mistake.

Last month, she announced that the new name of her shapewear brand would be Skims Solutionwear, which is just a play on the words. If you have had a chance to check out some of Kim Kardashian’s other unique brands, you will notice that she always plays her name “Kim” into the name. Such as Kimoji, KKW Fragrance and now Skims by Kim Kardashian.

Now, she is under attack again but for two entirely unique reasons. The first one has to do with the picture she posted of a diverse group of models wearing a Solutionwear Shapewear, for her Instagram post when she announced the new name of her shapewear company.

Originally, Kim Kardashian was praised for the diverse group of models she used for this post. With a wide variety of ethnic groups and body shapes, but the famous reality star looked like she had been unnaturally photo-shopped into the picture.

Some of the remarks made were about how unnatural Kim looked and that she had been edited into the picture. Others stated that she was sending the message that she considers herself superior to the everyday women that she couldn’t even take a photo shot with them.

Others yet accused her of airbrushing away these women’s flaws and noting the obvious truth that none of these women have visible stretch marks, cellulite, scars, lumps and bumps- just beautiful flawless skin. She was called out for doing the exact opposite that she is trying to do, by airbrushing these beautiful women’s bodies. Body positivity and inclusiveness is about embracing these flaws and not concealing them.


Unlike the whole incident with the name Kimono, she did not live up to her mistake here, but distracted attention by thanking her fans for sharing their ideas for a brand new name. Maybe her new shapewear brand core isn’t built around inclusivity and diversity, as Kim Kardashian claimed in her post.

But now, many of her fans are feeling uncomfortable with one of her new promotional videos for Skims that will launch this September 10 of this year.

The video shows Alice Marie Johnson, an ex-convict who was in prison in Alabama for the last 21 years for a non-violent drug offense and money laundering. Even though she was a first time offender, she was sentenced to 25 years with no chance of parole. Last year, Kim Kardashian reached out to help her receive clemency from President Trump and get an early parole.

Alice Marie Johnson calls Kim Kardashian her “war angel” because Kardashian West did everything in her power to get Johnson her freedom. In the video, Johnson says that since being released from prison she considers every moment precious and Skims shapewear helps her feel more free. Giving her the freedom of choice and empowerment.

Almost immediately from releasing this promotional video, fans started to send in comments of how this video made them uncomfortable. Many find the wording to be insensitive as she was in imprisoned for more than 20-years of her life, so Kim didn’t really get her freedom. Johnson only had less than four years left on her sentence, so Kim didn’t really save her.


Others found the involvement of Alice Marie Johnson in the campaign to be distasteful, as it feels as if Kim is using her to sell her product. Saying it comes across as if she is exploiting the newly found freedom of Johnson, to promote the so-called freedom that comes with wearing shapewear. Actually, we are surprised that the Kardashian West Public Relations Team didn’t see this before it hit social media, as it is quite cheap and offensive.

Kim Kardashian states that she is always listening, learning and growing and appreciates the suggestions made by others but is she really listening?

After these big bloopers, it is more than obvious that Kim Kardashian needs some serious help in promoting her new shapewear line. But, we are hopeful that the quality of Skims will make us forget these little hiccups at the beginning. Kim Kardashian is the queen of shapewear so we are expecting this Solutionwear shapewear to be everything we have always wanted in shapewear.

Mark the calendar to September 10, so you can be the first to order your shapewear on Skims website. Check the official guide for better information.


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