The dream of many people is lose weight without having to perform diets or difficult exercises. In few words, it would be great to have a magic wand with which to make a move and disappear the extra kilos. But if you want to know as lose weight in this way, I sorry to disappoint you, because it is not possible.

Actually, you should change the title of this article to another one that says “how to help lose weight in addition to diet and exercise.” The truth is that the specialists have studied which are those factors that help to accelerate the organism, impelling natural processes. However, I repeat that you ARE HELP, NOT METHODS ON YOURSELF.lose weight

How to lose weight with these 10 methods

So, there are habits and habits that can influence our body to lose weight, rather than to accumulate it. They are small things that put a grain of sand to thinning. In addition, they are easy to perform:

1- Drink lots of water

Surely you have heard this, but I tell you again. Drinking water revitalizes the body, eliminates toxins and reduces fats. Believe it or not, the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and coffee, immerses the body in a state of semi-dehydration that causes it to retain liquids. This is also part of being overweight.

Intake of about 2 liters of water alone (no juices, or additives of any kind) accelerates the metabolism and quenches it. In fact, when you sometimes have a craving for food, you really need to drink water. So, make it a habit to consume about 8 glasses throughout the day, to lose weight effectively.

2- Begin the day with a good breakfast

Many people make the mistake of skipping a meal to lose weight. And to top it all the first thing they do is not to have breakfast. Big mistake! It is the most important meal of the day, and losing it can only increase your overweight.

But how is this possible? It’s very simple actually. When you get up, your body has spent about 8 hours without a bite. You need fuel! If you do not eat breakfast, by mid-morning you will begin to be hungry and by noon, you will overeat because of anxiety. The result: Obesity gains. That’s why: REMEMBER BREAKFAST.

3- Eat several times in the day

Sumo practitioners in Japan have a clear strategy to gain the volume that need  to practice this sport. They do not eat anything during the day and have only one meal in which they consume many proteins and carbohydrates. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it should not because we usually do the same. The consequence is the extra kilos.

You must eat several times in the day, small portions of food, to make the body metabolize the food and consumes the accumulated excesses. So for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you have to add intermediate collations in the middle of the morning, mid-afternoon and a small before going to sleep. Although it may not seem so, it is possible to lose weight

4- He sleeps 8 hours a day

I know this is complicated with the accelerated modern life, but sleeping 8 hours a day also helps the metabolism. If you sleep 7 or 6 hours, although it does not seem to make the body burn fat slowly and also digest food with difficulty.

Sleep 8 hours a day, keep your energy and make your body consume better food reserves. This is a piece of advice that is attractive to follow, is not it?

5- Chew gum

Surely you will remember when your mother told you that it was bad for your teeth. But, paradoxically, it is good to reduce the desire to eat. So, with a good brushing of the teeth on a daily basis, this is also how losing weight is possible.

The chewing exercise reduces anxiety and causes the salivary glands to work. This makes us deceive the mind by introducing it into a pseudo act of eating. When you feed, you will not have so many desires to devastate meals.

6- Eat in small plates

It may sound silly, but its benefits have been scientifically proven. When you fill a meal with a normal size plate, you are looking for a great desire to eat. The moment you see it empty, your mind makes you feel satiated.

This works the same way with a medium dish, such as those in which desserts are served. If you put as much food as you can, you will actually be carrying less food than with a normal dish. And to vary it when finished, your mind will emit the message that you are full, in the same way. Believe it or not, it works.

7- Eat without TV

This is another vice that contributes to weight gain. Millions of homes are eaten with the television on. As a result he chews without paying attention, practically swallowing food. This makes them more difficult to digest and they also convert more quickly into fats.

Therefore, try to eat without watching TV. When you do this you chew with more precision, and you assimilate the nutrients better. You will also have a more complete and healthy digestion. And if you watch TV use this time to use and Abs Stimulator or make some squats during the commercials.

8- Begin the day with a cold shower

Clearly this does not sound as a good plan in winter. But it has also been corroborated that a shower, at least mild, cold water activates the thermogenic processes during the first hours.

When the body feels cold, it immediately prompts heat to counteract it. And this heat burns fats naturally throughout the day.

9- Intake of vitamin D

Of all vitamins, D is particularly good for activating metabolic functions. Therefore, incorporating eggs, cereals and fish of different kinds into our foods are also part of how to lose weight without diets.

You can also make your body produce vitamin D by spending time outdoors, especially when it is a nice sunny day. This causes it to produce this vitamin in the body.

10-  Consuming supplements to lose weight

This is where you have to stop a bit. If you add a balanced diet (or not, in many cases) an effective supplement to lose weight, I assure you will achieve it (depending on the food in less or more time). Incorporating these natural supplements that favor the body is another factor that makes it possible to lose weight very effectively. My favorites are those made with Garcinia Cambogia, which is a fruit that helps to burn fats in a unique way.

The best of all is undoubtedly Pure Cambogia Ultra (click here to read the full article) containing 60% HCA, or hydroxycitric acid. It is the star component that really slims and provides a full feeling of satiety. It is the only brand I always recommend to my clients.

For those looking to lose weight, I must reiterate that the change in diet and exercise will always be fundamental. However, it is also possible to assist the process with these tips. It can make a great contribution to your lifestyle.


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