Everyone has weight problems. Most of the time, extra pounds are caused by our not so healthy diets and of course, stressed life. Busy working schedule can often lead to an intake of greasy and foods rich in sugar. If you are planning to change your life and live healthy, all you have to do is make a meal plan which will include healthy foods for breakfast and dinner.

The best way to stay healthy and take care of our body is through healthy diets that provide the necessary nutrients and no more than the amount of calories we really need. Thus our organism will function in the most optimal way and will remain healthy.healthy diets

To achieve this, it is necessary to base our diet on foods that will improve the functioning of our body and avoid diseases associated with food, such as: overweight, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, among others.

How to achieve healthy diets?healthy diets dinner

Healthy diets should be part of our way of living. These should be rich in foods of vegetable origin and low in animal fats, in sweets and foods that have too much caloric content.

So, for our diet to be considered a healthy diet, it must have at least:

  • 2 servings of vegetables a day, at lunch and dinner
  • 2 to 3 servings of fruits daily
  • 2 to 3 servings of protein-rich foods of animal origin (eggs, fish, low-fat meats)
  • Fiber rich cereals like whole grain pasta
  • Integral rice
  • Whole white bread and legumes

And of course, avoid foods like: sugar, soda, sweets like jams, industrial confectionery, among other inconvenient foods.

Another point of view that you can take as a recommendation in healthy diets is that you can decrease the amount of food on the plate, but increase the amount of meals a day. For example: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and snack after dinner. This way you can have better self-control at mealtime, better manage anxiety and spread the various calories throughout the day.

Can skipping meals be part of a healthy diet?

Of course not, skipping a meal promotes weight loss, although the idea of healthy diets is that it is low in calories to control weight by reducing the calories we consume. Skipping meals can be counterproductive to health, because when we get to the next meal you will be more hungry and overeating.

How should our breakfast be?

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. Therefore, it can be considered the most important, since it is the one that will give us the energy to work throughout the morning until lunch time.

During breakfast and the mid-morning snack, it is necessary to consume a dairy, such as: cheese, yogurt or milk, and some food with flours (cereals, toast or bread), preferably accompanied by some food that has protein and a fruit.

For example, we can eat as follows:

  • For breakfast: a coffee with half-cooked milk and bread with cooked ham. For snack, eat fruit.
  • For breakfast: a tea with milk and 2 kiwis and at the time of the snack, eat a sandwich of serrano ham with skim yogurt.
  • For breakfast: a latte and a cheese tomato sandwich, and at snack time, take a natural yogurt and walnuts.
  • For breakfast: a plate of milk with cereals, and at the snack time, an apple with skim yogurt.

And how should dinner be?

Dinner is the last meal we will see in the day, and this should not be excessive or heavy meal, especially if we plan to go to bed immediately after eating. It is very important to control the calories we consume at dinner, if our goal is to lose weight.

Ideally, our dinner should be light and balanced, with raw or cooked vegetables, low protein foods (eggs, meats and fish) and a small amount of flour-based food (cereals, pasta, bread and vegetables).

For example, a healthy dinner might be as follows:

  • For dinner: a rich zucchini pure with grilled hake and for dessert a pair of mandarins.
  • For dinner: a salad with leafy greens or cruciferous vegetables, and for dessert a medium mango.
  • For dinner: some vegetables prepared with steam and chicken, and for dessert a few slices of melon.
  • For dinner: canned tuna and tomato salad, and for dessert a cooked or baked banana.

How else can we supplement our diet?

It is not enough to have fast weight lose diets that are healthy and balanced, it is also necessary to spend calories through physical exercise and it’s better if you tone your muscles with an extra help (click here to know more about!). If you feel like to, you can use a waist trainer or a trimmer to modeling your waist. It is also possible to supplement your diet with the use of dietary supplements such as Pure Cambogia Ultra which is made with natural components and without chemical additives. This supplement will allow you to feel satisfied throughout the day and eat less, so it will help you lose weight.


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