Everyone has questioned their weight at least once in their life. If you find out that your clothes does not fit the way they did a time ago, you simply put your body on a waist trainer and a diet. But, not all people know the right diet for them.

They tend to exhaust their bodies, and in return they are stuck with the yo-yo effect, regaining their old weight back. If you do want to get rid of your extra pounds, simply you can read our article and find the best foods to lose weight that you must include in your diet, so you can get fast and efficient results.foods to lose weight

Nowadays, people tend to take better care of their appearance. They exercise and attend to their food. Others however, do not pay much attention to what they eat. If you are one of those people who have opened their eyes and have realized the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, I will tell you about foods who can help you lose weight that you cannot leave out of your diet.

First of all, we must understand that being overweight is caused by an imbalance between the calories consumed and those expended. When the first surpasses the second that is when the overweight occurs.

So, what are the best foods to lose weight?

The most common foods generally go through several metabolic processes in the body, which can have different effects on hormones, hunger and influence the calories we burn. So, based on this statement, we can say that the best foods to lose weight are:

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as: cabbage, spinach, lettuce or Swiss chard have properties that make them a necessary food in our diet. They are low in carbohydrates and calories, but very rich in fiber. It is the ideal food as garnish and thus they increase the amount of food we consume, without increasing the caloric amount we ingest.


Fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel, herring and sardines are very healthy fatty fish because they are rich in protein and vigorous fats for our body like Omega 3 oils, and they have nutrients such as iodine. This is the best food to lose weight, as they fill a lot, fatten little and have an exquisite taste.


Many people believe that eggs can raise blood cholesterol levels, or they may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, but it is scientifically proven to be a mistake. On the contrary, eggs are one of the most ideal diet foods that exist. They are rich in healthy fats, proteins and allow us to feel quite full, contributing very few calories to our diet.

Chicken and lean meats

For a long time it has been thought that the meat helps to gain weight, but this is false, because if you buy cuts with low fat, these are ideal for weight loss.

Chicken and beef are basic foods in any diet, as they are the ones that will not allow us to feel hungry until the next hour of eating, because being rich in protein can reduce cravings by as much as 60%.

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables such as: cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage are very rich in fiber, but have a more satiating effect than vegetables like lettuce, because they are very rich in protein. These vegetables do not need to be an accompaniment. They can even take the place of the main course, if you learn to cook properly. Including them in your diet will be a good move in the fight against overweight.

Cottage cheese and yogurt

People have thought that to lose weight is necessary to reduce the consumption of dairy products since they are very high in fat, but we must take into account that not all dairy products are the same.

For example, cottage cheese is very low in fats and carbohydrates, which turn is high protein, giving us a satisfying effect and adding too few calories to our diet. However, conventional yogurt is true that it is high in fat, but it can fill enough to replace a plate of food that might even bring you more calories than the same yogurt. Of course, it would be ideal if you avoid yogurts that are flavored, because most of them have too much sugar.


Nuts can contain many calories, but they are rich in fiber, protein and healthy fats, so they would be a perfect snack between meals.


Whole grain cereals are rich in protein and fiber, such as brown rice, oats and quinoa. However, refined cereals are not a good choice. We must also be careful with certain foods that can be promoted as whole grain, but in fact are highly processed foods and harmful to our body.


This is one of the best foods to lose weight that cannot be missed on any diet. Although it is true that they contain sugar, it is a perfect dessert and they can satisfy us enough with adding many calories to the diet. In addition, they contribute vitamins and minerals very important to our body.

What other recommendations can I take into account in addition to these foods to lose weight?foods to loose weight tips

The fact of making a change in your diet, including these foods is a very important one. However, it may not be enough. It is necessary to combine with frequent physical exercise to increase the calories that are spent.

You can also supplement your fast weight lose diets with certain dietary supplements. This supplement is completely natural, low in calories and provides nutrients, vitamins and minerals to our body. It also allows you to lose weight because it produces a satiating effect, thus avoiding that we eat too much between meals. You can also do weight exercises or cardio with an abs stimulator focused on the zone you want to tone.


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