The core strength is one of the most important of the human body. Body’s balance depends to a large extent on the balance of this area. There are many tools – such as the abs stimulator – that you can use to reinforce the core of your body. Here is how you can do.

How important is the core of the body?

The core of ​​the body is supported mainly by the abdominal strap, which allows standing. Without abs, we could not stand up. In addition, they protect the viscera of the abdomen and maintain organs such as liver, spleen and kidneys.

This protective role is important because these organs are fragile. The abdominals can absorb some of the shocks, to protect these vital organs in case of blow, fall, and accident.

In addition, the abdominals belong to the core of ​​the body, which controls the balance, the posture and the maintenance of the whole body, allows the body to respond to gravity. As a result, the muscles make it possible to stand up against the collapse of the trunk, which is naturally attracted to the ground by gravity.

The abdominals are also a big difference between men and other animals, because men are the only ones to have such powerful abdominal muscles, which serve as a relay between the upper and lower limbs, for the transmission of forces or trunk movements: bending forward, lateral and rotations.

These different movements are made or favored by different portions or muscles of the abdominal strap. As you can see, the abdominal strap plays many roles in the functioning of the body, they do not just serve to decorate the belly! Hence the need to keep them firm, to ensure a balanced posture.

How to strengthen the core of ​​the body by strengthening the abdominal strap?

To strengthen the core of ​​the body, the first exercise that is usually thought of are the “abdominals”. However, abdominal sheath is a must in this area. The principle of abdominal sheathing is as follows: maintain the pelvis and spine in a stationary block, while adopting physically demanding positions, whether static as the board or dynamic.

Since the purpose of this type of exercise is to improve posture, the importance is to maintain the natural curves of the back during this type of exercise. In this way, the abdominals are solicited very much like the type of effort they normally do, which greatly increases the effectiveness of the exercise. In addition, the aesthetic effectiveness of this exercise could be enhanced by wearing a Kardashian waist trainer.

The waist trainer and the abs stimulator: Allies for a strengthened core

A Waist trainer is a garment worn to the shape of a preferred shape, for aesthetic or postural purposes. Wearing a waist trainer will contribute to your fitness activities during physical activities, so that you will be better able to hold yourself.

Wearing a waist trainer helps you stand up straight. Especially if you have a strong chest that makes you lean forward, you will find that your posture improves by wearing it. The waist trainer supports your back.

If you have a sedentary job where you often have to stand or sit in front of your computer, the waist trainer is ideal. It supports your spine and reduces your back problems. Ideal for women with small breasts, the waist trainer not only slim down your waist, it also makes your chest look bigger.

What is an abs stimulator belt?

As the name suggests, the abs toner is placed around the waist, at the level of the navel. Three electrodes on the belt are directly in contact with our skin and send small electric shocks in our abdominals. These electrodes in fact reproduce the natural movements of the muscles by contracting the entire abdominal strap. The intensity is gradually increased for better results, facilitating the cladding of the muscles. Result: Toned abs and a flat stomach in 4 weeks.

The results you can get by wearing the waist trainer, or the abs stimulator depend on how often you wear them, your daily physical activities but also part of your body type. Many users are satisfied with the results obtained.


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