Ultimate ABS Stimulator (EMS) or Ab Toner? – “I Don’t Care!”

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I enjoyed my pregnancy and watching my belly grow with the life it had inside. It was a wonderful journey that, although not without its difficulties, brought a lot of fulfillment and ultimately a beautiful bundle of joy! I was super prepared for “momhood”, but what I wasn’t prepared for was the empty shell of a body I got left with!

Uh, did you realize that after your baby came out you would still have a big belly that looked like a deflated balloon?! The day I gave birth I freaked out and knew I needed to do something quickly in order to get my body back and thankfully I found the Ultimate ABS Stimulator or I would have never achieved my goal.

After giving birth to my baby, I was really shocked that my belly was so big, but empty and squishy. I realized that my body would need some time to recover and that I needed to just focus on taking care of my baby. However, I will admit that I was really self-conscious those first few weeks and wore oversized shirts and was so thankful people were focusing on my cute little girl and not on me.

After 6 weeks and getting the go-ahead from my doctor, however, I knew I needed to do something. The problem was that with a new born baby, I couldn’t really handle the time and dedication that going to the gym and working out would take.

So I focused on doing things that I could do with my baby, which was mostly going for walks. They were actually enjoyable and a great way to get active, lose excess weight and stimulate the baby. Walking, however, would not be enough to repair and rebuild the ab muscles that I had lost.

Building ab muscles is hard! Especially after they have been pulled and stretched and been left unused for 10 months! I knew I would have to work my ab muscles daily, but I simply did not have the time or energy, which is why I started looking into Electrical Muscle Stimulation, or EMS machines.

The 411 on EMS

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) involves the provocation of muscular contractions by using electric impulses. A device that is called an electric muscle stimulator with electrodes that are placed on the skin near the muscles to send electrical impulses to the muscles and makes them contract. electric muscle stimulator

The great thing is that this machine is telling your muscles to contract, without you having to think about it. It doesn’t require effort and it doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t mean that your muscles aren’t working. In fact, thanks to not having to think about the muscle contractions, your muscles can work a lot more intensely than if you’re doing regular exercises on your own.

Electrical stimulation of the muscles can be used for training or for therapy. They are used to help people recover from injury and to prevent muscles from atrophy, like if they’re in a coma or have an injury and can’t work the muscles. An ab shocker or ab belt can be used to increase muscular contractions so you can work out your abs while completing other tasks!

How I Used the Ultimate ABS Stimulator to Repair my Abs

Ab toners or ab shockers are belts that you wear under your shirt and attach to the muscle that you want to work. They use EMS to cause muscle contractions while you complete other activities and don’t even have to think about doing ab work.

As a mom, this was wonderful for me! I could hang out with my baby, do chores around the house, get my work done or just relax and watch T.V. while the Ultimate ABS Stimulator did its thing.

You can feel your ab muscles contracting, but it doesn’t hurt at all. You will get sore from it though! So, it’s important to start off slow and work your way up to 30 or 40 minutes a day, every day. But don’t do it more than once a day or you will be over-working your ab muscles and not letting them have time to rest and repair. If they don’t repair, then you won’t be building any muscle!

I did a lot of research on an ab belt before I purchased one. There’s a lot of options out there and I wanted something that would be very effective, but that wouldn’t break the bank. After all, diapers are really expensive!

Ultimate ABS StimulatorI found several that seemed like they would work well, but they were $120 or $150 dollars! That was a steep price for something that I wasn’t sure would work well, if at all. Then I came across the Ultimate ABS Stimulator which is meant to do all the things I needed for my abs: firm, tone, strengthen and tighten my ab muscles.

The Ultimate Abs Stimulator is super easy to use: It has an easy push-button that operates under 6 modes for specialized training. It’s made of PU leather and cotton, which will comfortably be placed on the skin with the aid of a sticky patch that causes no irritation. Since it is wireless, it needs 2 AAA batteries, but that means that you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up with any cables or chords, which is great when you have a baby who is super grabby. And best of all, it was super affordable!

Was It Worth It?

Using the Ultimate ABS Stimulator to tone and tighten my post-partum abs was absolutely worth it!

After having the baby, I thought I would never again have a decent stomach, even when I was taking care of my diet and walking, it just wasn’t enough to get my stomach back in shape. It didn’t just help me build abs, but it actually repaired my abs after a huge loss of muscle and muscle tone.

I’ve been using it for over 5 months and there’s no way I am stopping, because I am in better shape than even before the baby! If you are in a similar situation and don’t have time or energy to always be stuck in the gym, don’t hesitate to try the Ultimate ABS StimulatorYou have nothing to lose except for the pudge!

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