Hello! My name is Maria and I have the pleasure to open a space at ijoobi.com to talk to you about a special supplement for losing weight that has been taking over our audience. If you live in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland or the United States, you don’t have to worry, because you can have it too.

In my years as a nutritionist, I have noticed the factors that cause overweight in all kinds of people. In both men and women, the sources of extra kilos are the following:

  • Food consumption with abundant white flours and refined sugars. 
  • Very strong presence of triglycerides at meals.
  • Totally unequal eating times.
  • The consequences of cigarettes smoking and alcohol that causes dehydration (this tends to retain the fluids).
  • Sedentary modern life (we live in a vicious circle that includes the elevator, use of a car everywhere and to return home to the armchair in front of the TV).
  • Failure to perform diets that are discouraging, no matter the attempt.

With a balanced diet and effective exercise, it is possible to cause a natural change in the body. However, there are many doubts trying to incorporate Garcinia Cambogia into this plan. With so many products failing, it is valid to ask: will it really work? Is it worth a try?

That is why I created the following review:

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Let’s start with the beginning which is this fruit in question. If you do an online search, you will see a lot of information about its origin. So, I will not repeat what I know, like coming from Asia or looking as a pumpkin.

What I will highlight is that Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that has unique properties, including the ability to burn the fats in your body. This is what should catch our attention. And how do you achieve this? It is very simple: through the HCA that abounds in its thick and fleshy shell. It is a citric acid that is also present in other fruits. But only in this is in great quantity.

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That is why it has caught the attention of the pharmacists, who have also studied the action of this in the body. HCA (hydroxy citric acid) serves to limit the action of the enzyme ATP Citrate Liasa in the liver, which is the source of lipids. It also carries out more effective production of glucose, which is formed from accumulated lipids. In this way, the fat burning occurs, and it predisposes the body to lose weight.

Properties and Benefits

The Garcinia Cambogia then has the ability to reduce excess lipids in the body, which can be the source of severe health problems. And its benefits are the following:

  • Provides the body with conditions for accelerated burning of fats.
  • Provides a feeling of safety that limits the cravings of anxiety.
  • Increases energy thanks to its more effective production of glucose.
  • It favors thermogenic processes that burn fat by body heat.
  • Reduces lipogenesis or formation of lipids.
  • Increases the level of serotonin, which simulates a better mood.
  • Stabilizes digestive process.
  • Decreases cholesterol which promotes circulation and heart function.
  • Acts as an analgesic to reduce discomfort.
  • Detoxifies with its higher fiber content.
  • It also has anti-bacterial, antiseptic and astringent properties.
  • Provides a lot of antioxidants to the body, which promotes health.

The HCA action – its star component

The HCA or hydroxy citric acid is the component that helps to burn fat in the body. It has been a subject of study by numerous research items. These could verify that this element fulfills a vital function reducing the fats and regulating their formation in the organism. The HCA present in Garcinia Cambogia is also related to the sensation of safety that helps to regulate the food intake.

Side effects

It has also been discussed about the possible adverse reactions that the tablets made with this fruit could present. But the truth is that its composition is natural, and has not presented negative reactions that needed to be taken care of. Therefore, it could be said that these have no side effects. It is a safe supplement, which can be used to lose weight efficiently.

What is the best complement with Garcinia Cambogia?

If you have come this far, you are probably thinking “Okay, this curious fruit works. But does that mean I can use any complement of Garcinia Cambogia? “Well, the answer is no, but I want to tell you why.

Since this fruit has become fashionable, the market for weight loss products was revolutionized. And the truth is that not all pills work as they should. This is not due to Garcinia Cambogia.

I have done a research and have found that a good complement of Garcinia Cambogia is that:

  • It has no artificial additives, binders or preservatives: they limit the action of the HCA.
  • It has at least 50% HCA concentration.
  • It is the minimum amount to produce fat burning.
  • It offers the 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. It allows you to return the product within 90 days of the date of purchase, before any possible disagreement.

Two of my favorite products

People constantly ask me which Garcinia Cambogia tablet they should try, which is why I have listed the two of my favorite possible complements, highlighting the one I consider is best. These are renewed products in the market, and these are their characteristics:

Pure Cambogia Ultra

I have started with the best. Pure Cambogia Ultra is the most effective tablet to lose weight.

It has won first place because:

  • It has 60% of the HCA – this has been corroborated by several laboratories. Thanks to this it has great effectiveness.
  • It has no artificial additives of any kind. This includes preservatives or compounds of any kind.
  • It offers the 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. It is a sign of total confidence in the product they make.

I myself have been able to try these tablets and they have helped me lose weight and kept me in shape. I also recommended it to my clients, and it worked for everyone. That is why I can say that this brand really burns fat.

Garcinia Cambogia Select

This manufacturer claims that it works with fruits harvested by them, to guarantee the best selection that gives quality to their tablets. However, its quality remains in an intermediate state that reaches you to be in the first place. Let’s see why:

  • Lacks in artificial aggregates, which is good.
  • Neither possesses additives, which is also favorable.
  • It has only 50% of the HCA, which is sufficient but also relative. Without going a little further, it may not work at all in some organisms.


Pure Cambogia Ultra is the best. If you want to lose weight, and you want to have on your side the effectiveness of the Garcinia Cambogia, you may want to try the tablets offered by the market.

Pure Cambogia Ultra is the complement that has been produced with impeccable quality. It has the necessary level of HCA that burns fats in the body, and is also safe and healthy. Choose this tablet first, for the best results.


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