Everybody wants to be smart in order to solve challenges that arise in everyday life. After all, we consider it the characteristic that sets us apart from the rest of the creatures on the planet. Due to this is necessary to know how to streamline the mind and provide it with ductility in various situations and challenges

The brain is like a muscle, it needs to be exercised constantly so that it can perform to the maximum. The difference with the rest of the muscles is the way that you train, the need for reading, challenges and mathematical challenges to develop intelligence.

If we give it the necessary nutrients and the care it deserves, the brain can yield more and thus demonstrate greater intellectual capacity.How streamline the mind and be smarter

Technology has been one of the main culprits of our brain not performing to the fullest. Every day there are more devices and applications that instead of helping us to streamline the mind help us think and analyze less.

Although the purpose is to simplify life and make it easier, it is really making us think less and use our mental capacity more and more remotely.

How streamline the mind

How streamline the mind and make us smarter is a task that can not be done in a week. It is a process that can be a bit slow and perhaps frustrating. However, accepting challenges and maintaining a creative attitude are factors that help improve the mind in different situations.

Tips to quicken the mind

Change things in place

A recent study showed that adults with very strict order routines are failing to use a significant percentage of their brain.

This is because the brain creates routes and when they are already established, the level of effort to remember them is minimal. So, if you are one of those who live with a very elaborate itinerary and you tend to follow everything in order, it is time to start improvising a little.

If you are accustomed to taking the train at the same time, and to be in the same place always, you can look for another route, maybe ride in the bus or walk. However silly and simple it may seem, this is extremely helpful, beneficent and stimulating for your brain.

Learn another languageHow to streamline the mind

People with the ability to speak several languages ​​are 90% less likely to suffer from mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. Maybe you can speak two languages ​​and that’s not bad. But do not stop there, continue to give your brain encouragement and nourishing it with knowledge.

If you are not good in the languages or the letters, you can choose to make sudokus, puzzles, mathematical agility games and more. Download them on your phone and spend at least an hour a day training.

Take nutritional supplements to nourish your brain

It is important to have a balanced diet, which includes many vegetables and fruits. But this is not enough to give you all the vitamins and minerals your brain needs.

There is a specific dietary supplement, which I personally have tried and it has worked great, it is completely natural and free from side effects. Your name is BrainPlus IQ and you can get it by requesting it to its official website. To me it seems ideal for all kinds of people, it does not generate reactions or addiction and its list of benefits is incredible.

Avoid psychiatric or neurological use remedies that have serious side effects. One of the most sought after is Modafinil, a stimulant drug that can make whoever consumes it becomes addicted. It can also cause skin reactions. It is not a good medium in the goal of how streamline the mind.

Practice exercises

Exercising is something that has benefits for everyone. In fact, part of a healthy life is about exercising, eating balanced and getting a good rest. When we practice some physical activity, we release adrenaline and epinephrine which stimulate our brain and has multiple benefits how streamline the mind.

When exercising, the blood flow is accelerated, stimulating neuronal activity and streamlining the flow of information between them. The benefits of doing exercises not only focus on the brain, how streamline the mind, it also fills you with energy, and helps you to be in good shape.

Stay away from alcohol consumption

Consuming alcoholic beverages in excess destroys our neurons irremediably. When we abuse them we are doing constant damage that you may not notice right away. But with the passage of time, the brain is losing faculties.

Although scientific studies have shown that drinking a glass of wine a day, it provides antioxidants and minerals very beneficial to your brain. Remember that the key is moderation.

Learning to be smart is not something you achieve in a week, but you’ll be closer to your goal if you focus on nurturing your brain and taking care of yourself naturally. In this way you will achieve things like speeding the mind and stimulating your intelligence to the maximum.



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