One of the most frequent complaints you hear from expectant mothers is how difficult it is to sleep while you are pregnant. Insomnia really seems to set in during the third semester. Between frequent bathroom trips, night sweats, excessive thinking (will I be a good mother? Will labor be difficult? How am I going to go back to work? Will I be able to handle staying at home with the baby?), vivid dreams or even nightmares, and the discomfort of trying to accommodate your growing belly, it’s really no wonder!

Luckily, there’s a solution to help you find a more comfortable sleeping position so that you can get the rest that you so greatly need and deserve: the pregnancy pillow! Let me share with you the difference it made during my pregnancy journey and how it helped me get through that really difficult third trimester.

pregnancy pillow

How a Pregnancy Pillow Helped Me Sleep Better and How It Can Help You

As I mentioned before, sleep during the last trimester of pregnancy is really difficult. Finding a comfortable and safe position seems almost impossible, so many pregnant women just toss and turn all night long.

Like many of you, I was having really rough and sleepless nights. I was getting up in the morning extremely tired, with bags under my eyes and with severe pains. My lower back suffered the most, because all of the weight from my stomach pulled me forward, and I had no way of supporting my back as I tried to sleep on my side.

My stomach felt so heavy and it freaked me out to think that it was “stretching” to the side even more! (I know, super weird thought!).

When I was about 31 weeks into my pregnancy I went to visit a friend who had just had a baby. I noticed that on her couch she had a super long, curved pregnancy pillow and I asked her how could she like it. She raved about how it had saved her during her pregnancy and that she still used it now, after having the baby! She said that it offered a lot of support and helped her sleep more comfortably through the night and throughout the day she uses a waist trainer to fix her posture.

So, she recommended me getting one for myself. I followed her advice and bought my pregnancy pillow; and the difference was remarkable!

How a Full Body Pregnancy Pillow Works

pillow for pregnancyThe best pregnancy pillow can be either curved like a C or they can be U shaped. They are flexible, yet supportive, and adjust to the shape of your body. They offer support for between your legs (if you are sleeping on your side), your back, neck, head, and belly. They help align your body when you sleep on your side, so that your shoulders are supported, your column is positioned correctly, and your knees are separated and supported, instead of knocking into each other.

The support offered by the pillow for pregnancy not only lets you get comfortable while you sleep, but it prevents you from waking up with the aches and pains that are caused by an improper sleeping position. Even better, it helps prevent long term damage to your spine, joint, and ligaments!

Once I started using the pregnancy sleeping pillow I was able to sleep comfortably and didn’t have to resort to any type of medication or pain pill (who wants to take meds when pregnant?!?) and had the peace of mind that I was sleeping in a position that was safe for me and my baby.

Where and When Can You Use a Pregnancy Pillow?

Obviously, the first thought that comes to mind is in your bed at night, but its uses are not limited to your bedroom during a full night’s sleep.

I’m a couch sleeper and I love nothing more than to take naps or watch TV on the couch and being really pregnant had limited the amount of time I could sit or lay comfortably on the couch. My maternity pillow is so light, that I could easily carry it from my room to my living room and find a comfortable position to relax in while watching t.v., reading a book, or even just chatting with my friends and family. In fact, I used the pillow on long car rides and overnight stays and it was great to have it during my babymoon!

My Recommendation

If you are suffering back pain and you’re not pregnant, you may check this story: 

I 100% without a doubt recommend that any expectant mother get a pregnancy pillow. They are super easy to use, they last a long time (My friend I told you about, has used hers throughout 3 pregnancies now!) and having one WILL improve the way you sleep at night. I was able to say goodbye to sleepless nights, aches and pains, and the worry of how sleeping incorrectly could affect my health or the health of my baby.

So go ahead momma, give it a try!


  1. Thanks for your review. What a fabulous product for pregnant ladies! I could only sleep on very hard mattress due to back pain. No foam worked for me. This is very interesting.


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