I know how you’re feeling right now.



Darn right angry.

We all remember the good ol’ days – the days when getting the lady through the bedroom door was pretty easy and boy were you in there for a while. But that’s all over now right? You’ve come to the end of the line like many other poor souls before you – you no longer have that hot aura surrounding you and time is not your BFF.

But if you read on, it will be over pretty soon, my friend.

My Mega Size – sounds pretty cool, but what is it?

My Mega size benefitsMy Mega Size comes with a small clue in the name.

Go on, read it again.

Get it now?

This product is, if you haven’t already guessed, a male enhancer that aims to destroy any issues under the covers.

It gives you that extra boost of energy you need to last longer and makes you crave that booty even more.

And we could all do with a little extra sprinkling of sexual drive mixed with a quick seasoning of long lasting erections, right?

Sounds like a recipe for a great night, but the only way you’re going to get that pal is with My Mega Size.

I know exactly what it is like when you feel your masculinity slipping from you the minute you begin unbuttoning your shirt, and it is completely natural to experience that.

But it sucks.

100% completely and utterly sucks and that’s why My Mega Size gives all of its attention to improving your sexual performance – that includes focusing on refining every second of your naughty experience.

What is the secret behind it? (AKA ingredients)

My Mega Size consists of two amazing ingredients that enable this product to do what it does best: get the pantie party started.

Horny Goat Weed: I always laugh when I hear this, but in all seriousness it is a vital ingredient to this supplement (as crazy as that sounds, it is an ancient Chinese herb after all). By boosting the blood circulation (and if you are that bothered, it does this by blocking the enzymes that restrict blood flow) to your downstairs area, allowing you to achieve a pretty impressive erection. It also increases your libido and decreases fatigue and premature ejaculation.

Tongkat Ali: Another one of those herbs, but still very important to this supplement. It works at enhancing your sexual drive, boosting stamina at the same time, meaning you can have more fun for longer. It also improves your testosterone count which improves you and your partner’s sexual experience.

Stupid question but, what are the benefits?My megasize works

Sit down and buckle up, this is a long one (no pun intended).

There are literally loads of benefits to My Mega Size, and I’ve decided to list them all, so get ready, here we go:

  • Gives you back the huge amounts of energy and stamina you are now lacking when “doing the deed”
  • No side effects
  • Natural and effective ingredients (a bit like a smoothie really)
  • Destroys all traces of Erectile Dysfunction and other sexually related problems out of your control
  • Gives you a far better erection
  • Allows you to last longer (A* for ‘Mega Size’) by decreasing your exhaustion and stress
  • Dramatically increases your sexual desires – don’t worry, they won’t become bad (it won’t be like being touched by Alisha from Misfits)
  • Increases testosterone levels (can that ever be a disadvantage… nah)
  • Builds your confidence levels
  • It even helps regulate your blood circulation
  • Improves your mental focus
  • Controls premature ejaculation (like the sound of that one, aye?)
  • Provides useful nutrients to your body
  • Maximises pleasure
  • Increases size and girth of little Junior down there

Okay, I’m done, but can you see how great this is yet? No? Not convinced? Alright, I’ll go on.

How does My Mega Size actually work?

My Mega Size ResultsThis supplement’s powerful ingredients (I know, they’re only herbs, but even as a leaf they’re pretty significant if you want to be a rock star in bed) allow it to increase your blood flow, specifically to your man parts – for you biology lovers, it targets (in a good way I promise) the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum.

It also delivers nutrients, vitamins and proteins to your body which, let’s be honest, can never be a bad thing.

Along with all of this it also increases the production of the testosterone levels which helps in the bedroom which your libido, but also in the gym with building muscles and it helps focus your mind (and we guys could all do with some of that).


Luckily for you, My Mega Size is available the order from the link below, easy right? It will take you all the way down the yellow brick road to the official website where you can purchase this outstanding supplement.

There’s no excuse now mate, you know exactly how to get there, so go on CLICK ON THE LINK NOW to solve your embarrassing bedroom problem…

Need to hear what other men have to say?

We asked some other lads who know exactly what you are going threw to share their experience with this supplement and the effect it had on their bedroom antics:

Tyler Blake (23 years old)

“I won’t lie – I did feel that erectile dysfunction was something only elderly men suffered from. It turns out I was very wrong. It was pretty bad – I couldn’t satisfy my girlfriend in the bedroom at all, and after a while I was so embarrassed I turned over when we were in bed. After a lot of drinking one night I opened up to my best mate about it, and, surprisingly he had been suffering with ‘bedroom issues’ as well. So we both decided to give My Mega Size a go, and it has probably been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I noticed I suddenly desired my girlfriend a lot more than I did before and I could suddenly make her happy in the bedroom again! It practically saved our relationship!”

Jack Williams (Aged 56)

“My wife and I had divorced and I hadn’t been with a woman for years. My son decided I needed to get out there on the dating ladder and so I did, but by the time I got to taking my new lady to the bedroom, I wasn’t able to last more than a few minutes. It was humiliating. I tried to make a joke out of it because of my age, but I could tell she was pretty upset. So I took to the internet looking for a way to sort it out. I came across My Mega Size and ordered some. Straight away I saw a change in my behaviour and the next time I got my girlfriend into bed we were in there for quite a while. It felt amazing to be able to do what I used to be able to again.”

What do we (joobi.com) really think?

Us lot at joobi.com believe that, to fight the harsh battle against erectile dysfunction and all the problems that follow suit, you need a little help from a friend. Or in this case, a capsule. And for us, My Mega Size is the best of a rather large bunch.

Excuse me there. Yeah that’s right, you. Before you leave the page, why don’t you click the link, go on, only you can end this nightmare…


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