In this article, we will announce you the Follicle Rx. We will talk about this natural treatment and how it could help you stop hair loss.

Hair loss profoundly affects the person who suffers from it, since going through this experience usually generates insecurity and self-esteem problems that are not always easy to deal with.

Baldness is a known problem but, it is not so widespread that it has multiple causes and different characteristics. The good thing is that this problem can be remedied. The most important thing is to find the causes and find the effective treatment to solve them. This can take time, so it is important not to get frustrated and get informed as soon as possible to start acting.

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What is Follicle Rx?

Follicle Rx is a dietary supplement that promotes hair health. Stimulates growth and strengthens hair from the root. All this is possible thanks to its 100% natural ingredients that help with the most common cause of the fall: problems in the scalp.

What are its components?

The more natural the ingredients of a supplement, the body will absorb them more effectively and the results will be visible in less time. In turn, we avoid suffering from dangerous side effects that are caused by other treatments available in the market.

Remember that many treatments for hair loss involve the use of hormones and drugs that can bring harmful consequences to health.

The natural ingredients of the Follicle Rx formula are:

  • Biotin: Biotin is also known as vitamin H and as vitamin B7. It is a vitamin of great importance for its restorative power of dermatitis, for hair loss and even for diabetes. This vitamin is easily and quickly absorbed, so the body takes advantage of it effectively.
  • Horsetail: Horsetail is a plant rich in silicon. This mineral not only benefits the hair, it also potentiates strong growth, reduces baldness and delays the appearance of gray hairs.
  • B5 (Pantothenic Acid): This vitamin strengthens the hair follicles, making the growth of hair at the cellular level is faster and more effective. It has also been proven that consumption of vitamin B5 relieves scalp itching, caused by dandruff and other chronic conditions.
  • PABA (Para-aminobenzoic acid): this acid is involved in the creation of proteins. These protect the hair from UV rays and prevent premature aging. In turn, this acid acts as a potentiator of other substances that also promote hair growth.

What are the benefits of taking Follicle Rx?

The benefits of taking this supplement are scientifically proven and are a direct result of the action of its ingredients.

Pay attention to these 5 benefits and check yourself before trying it:

  • Repair damaged hair: Repairing damaged hair will prevent it from falling. Therefore, Follicle Rx not only recovers lost hair, but also cares for the one that has not yet fallen. This is extremely effective when hair loss is due to breakage.
  • Stopping Hair Loss: Whether it is for androgenic alopecia in men or for significant hormonal changes in women, Follicle Rx stops the fall and does not allow it to continue to occur.
  • Regrowth growth: People with hair loss who started using this supplement experienced sustained growth. The supplement can be taken to accelerate the growth of new hair following improved health of the scalp.
  • Strengthens and gives thickness: to help the hair not fall again after regaining its growth, this supplement helps to thicken and give strength strengthening the structure of hair follicles.folliclerx

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What are the side effects of taking this supplement?

Thanks to its unique organic and organic formula, this supplement does not generate any symptoms or side effect on the organism.

This makes it completely safe to be ingested by everyone, without interfering with medical treatments or causing problems for people who consume it.

Follicle Rx can be taken by both men and women, since its ingredients do not include any type of hormones.

How does Follicle Rx work?

The main function of this supplement is to revitalize the hair follicles and improve the health of the scalp. This helps to restart the process of hair growth.

During this process, the scalp will soon replace the weak and mistreated hair, thus giving way to the growth of new strong and resistant strands.

Although the speed with which they appear, the first results can vary slightly according to the habits of life and the metabolism of the consuming one. Even so, it is estimated that before the first month may already appear the first signs of new hair growth.

All these results will only be noticeable and effective if Follicle Rx is consumed in the correct way, as indicated on the front of the bottle.

You should remember that just as the hair loss process is not instantaneous, its growth is not. This supplement begins to act immediately in the recovery of your capillary health but, the optimal results have been observed in those who have carried out the complete treatment of 4 months.

folliclerx results

How to take Follicle Rx?

Pay attention to the instructions on how to take it and follow them to the letter. This is necessary so that the body can properly take advantage of all the benefits offered by the supplement.

It is recommended to divide the consumption into two stages, where the dose varies.

Initial step:

It is recommended that the initial stage lasts 4 weeks. During these first weeks, it is necessary to stimulate the hair renewal and stimulate the hair growth cycle again, for this reason you should take 2 pills daily.

These two pills can be consumed at any time, although it is recommended to do it first thing in the morning, before breakfast, as this will become a habit and you will skip any shot.


At the end of the first month, you go to the second stage, which lasts for 3 months, in which consumption is reduced to a single daily pill.

In the initial stage is sought to recharge and fill the body to the maximum of the nutrients necessary for the scalp to stimulate the growth of new hair.

As we move on to the second stage, we have already managed to release the maximum nutrient dose and only seek to maintain the same so that the results can last in time. In this way, if you stop taking the supplement, you will not go back on the treatment.

The time of action of the supplement depends on the fact that the 3 stages of hair growth (growth, transition, rest) are slow. Remember that hair usually grows up to 1 centimeter per month and it takes at least two weeks to visualize that a new hair is born.


Testimonials of effectiveness

Losing my hair was a traumatic experience. It happened when I was just 22 years old. The fall attacked me without warning, without suspecting anything. I went to therapy and gradually learned to accept it. I thought I just had to get over it because my father is bald too. One day I was surfing the internet and I ran into a note about Follicle Rx and I was curious, I bought it and started to take it in secret. The days went by and I did not notice anything until one morning when I came out of the shower I saw a slight shadow on the top of my head, there were tiny hairs growing up and I could not believe it! I have been taking this supplement for almost 6 months now and there are no more traces of my baldness, the hair grows fast and strong. I’ll soon risk taking it longer. I feel that I have regained my youth. – Lenny Seifert, 24 years old

I noticed that my hair was falling when I was just 30 years old. I was frustrated. As prepared as you think you are to lose your hair with age, it is also unpleasant and affects your self-esteem. You also prepare yourself to be the motive of jokes. Anyway, I started to take this supplement because a guy (also bald), came home one day and surprised us all with a newly acquired and short hair. It’s been four months and I stopped fearing the hair loss, my brother and my dad are also taking it, it seems that we should no longer resign ourselves to baldness. – Stanley Tindle, 31 years old

What makes Follicle Rx the best choice?

There are so many factors that make this supplement superior to the rest, that it is necessary to summarize and mention the most important:

  1. Follicle Rx attacks baldness and stops hair loss regardless of the cause. Whether due to genetic inheritance, hormonal disorders, stress or alopecia, this supplement works equally well in all cases, and it works.
  2. This supplement does not cause side effects. It can be taken by both men and women and it has the same effectiveness in both.
  3. It is a safe, effective and complete treatment. Not only does it stop the fall, it also stimulates new growth, beauty and health of the hair and scalp.
  4. Follicle Rx acts in all stages of hair growth: it strengthens hair nutrition at rest, rejuvenates the hair follicles of the hair in exchange and improves the tone of the scalp for the birth of new hair.

How and where to buy Follicle Rx?

So far this product can only be purchased by logging on to the official website. In this site you can place your order from where you are, and even access offers and promotions that are only available for a limited time.

Accounts with multiple alternatives for payments and after placing your order, the package will arrive in less than 15 days to your home.

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In conclusion

Hair loss is a problem that can cause great discomfort in the sufferer. It is not only an aesthetic problem, but a reflection of your inner health. For this reason, it is important to find an effective solution to prevent this situation from becoming permanent.

Taking Follicle Rx will make your hair grow back and you will regain confidence in yourself. Try it and experience its benefits.


Does this supplement have any side effects?

This supplement has not been shown to cause side effects in clinical trials of 80 subjects who consumed the product 2 times a day vs. the group that consumed a placebo. Its ingredients have also not shown adverse effects in isolation.

Do I need to use a special shampoo to make it work?

No, the benefits act from within, just take the indicated dose and you will notice the results. However, it is recommended to maintain the usual hair hygiene.

Does this hereditary hair loss supplement?

Yes, being the most common type of hair loss, Follicle Rx has shown good results in 85% of the study cases.

Can I take this supplement to prevent future falls?

Yes, it is recommended to take the supplement before the fall worsens. If your hair is getting thinner and translucent, Follicle Rx will help your hair become stronger and healthier, thus avoiding the fall.

How long does it take to get to my address?

The supplement is mailed. The estimated waiting time is a maximum of 15 days.

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