For both men and women, sexual care is one of the priorities. Sex is the aspect that defines a man’s relationship with a woman and gives them a good reason to have a happy and lasting relationship.

So when erectile dysfunction occur, this could be very embarrassing psychologically, threatening the couple harmony, since the masculinity organ of every men is his penis. So libido needs to be in good health and able to meet needs and expectations during sexual intercourses.

There are supplements like Rx24 and Testoultra which can help in this matter. There are also numerous natural ways with which the penis can be maintained. Towards this, the essential oils show amazing properties. But which ones to use? How? How will they act?

Erectile dysfunction, what is it?

It is the persistent inability of a man to obtain or maintain a sufficient penile erection to allow satisfactory sexual intercourse. This definition must be put into perspective because this disability may depend on age, may be temporary and depends on many factors.

The penis is an organ that contains a complex vascular system, the cavernous body. The filling of these cavernous bodies allows the lengthening, the hardening of the penis and thus the erection. This vascular system is governed by many hormonal mechanisms and brain activity.

A lot of factors can hinder desire: the culture, the values, the economic situation and the social context are some of them. Beyond environmental and societal causes, a drop in libido may be due to hormonal changes. For example, a drop in the testosterone level may affect the libido of the man.

Elevation of prolactin (the hormone that triggers and maintains lactation) blocks sexual desire in both women and men. A decline in sexual desire may have a psychological cause such as depression, tension, personal or family problems, intense stress, low self-esteem, conflictual love.

Three great essential oils to get rid of erectile dysfunction

The ginger essential oils……It heels you

The most famous of these essential oils is ginger essential oil. Ginger is known for its aphrodisiac properties which are found in its rhizome from which the essential oil is extracted. Ginger essential oil awakens and stimulates the body. Indeed, the essential oil of Ginger has toning properties which act on the metabolic functions (regularization) and thus on the sexual function. This sexual tonic is suitable for both women and men who want to boost their libido. Its spicy and warm smell will create a warm atmosphere and stimulate desire. Its high content of alpha zingiberene, germacrene D and beta bisabolene makes it a very calming essential oil. It will help fight against the anxieties and stress that can cause loss of libido in humans.

The Cinnamon Essential oil….Stimulating¬†

Give your libido a boost with Cinnamon essential oil! This essential oil is particularly rich in trans cinnamaldehyde. This aromatic aldehyde gives it aphrodisiac properties and makes it a powerful sexual stimulant. In addition, it is sympathicotonic: it will stimulate the sympathetic nervous system whose function is to prepare the body for action. Once stimulated, the sympathetic nervous system will, among other things, activate ejaculation. The sympathetic nervous system is also involved in the regulation of the endocrine system. The latter regulates the secretion of hormones that play a role in the activity and sexual functions. By stimulating the sympathetic nervous system, the essential oil of Chinese Cinnamon will help stimulate sexual desire and fight against loss of libido.

Ylang-Ylang essential oil

This powerful essential oil has a floral and woody fragrance that goes well with black pepper or cedar spreading in the air. It acts on the stress and the anxieties, it is soothing at the respiratory and cardiac level. It is interesting for its aphrodisiac properties but also for its general tonic action for the body, the skin and the hair. For an aphrodisiac effect, you can make friction or massage in the lower back by diluting 2 drops in a tablespoon of vegetable oil.


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