It seems a lie, but we live in a time when stress is the order of the day for almost anyone. It is not only a matter of exercising some of the most demanding professions of the moment. The pace of life worldwide has accelerated in a way that there is no way to avoid it.

Looking at it from a personal point of view, each individual has their own dose of stress and demands, which simply can not be compared to anyone else’s.

If you think yours is the most stressful, pay attention to this list. We will name you the 5 most demanding professions in the world. If your work is listed below, I will detail ways to overcome the fatigue and the demands that these entail.demanding professions

The 5 most demanding and mentally demanding professions

  • Police: Worldwide this is a very demanding and stressful profession. And although the level of demand of the police forces varies in each country, this percentage is still quite high.
  • Pilot: This profession carries a great deal of stress. The level of preparation and dedication of the pilots have made the demand to be enormous on a personal level.
  • Firefighters: Saving lives, risking theirs is not easy.
  • Event planner: It may not seem so, but planning large events is one of the most demanding and demanding professions today. It takes a lot of character and dedication to succeed.
  • Housewife: It sounds very simple and relaxed, being at home and taking care of every detail. The truth is that a study conducted in 2015 revealed that the burden of anxiety and stress generated by this occupation is as high as that of an event planner.

Other demanding professions that are not on the list, but which also demand a lot of time and dedication are: stylists, cooks, lawyers, journalists, reporters and actors. If you do not do any of the above, but feel that the time and effort you make demand more than you can give, do not worry. Here we tell you several tips and recommendations to follow to give more and give your best in your work.

How perform more in more demanding professionsdemanding and stressful professions

For the stress and demands of your profession are not cause for discouragement and underperformance, there are different methods and techniques that will be very useful.

  • Exercises: You may be one of those who think it is not worth waking up an hour before going to work before going to work. But the truth is that the hormones that are released in a workout will help you perform more work. Whether you choose yoga, crossfit, cycling, swimming, running, dancing, weight lifting, karate, pilates, among other activities. You can choose any activity that attracts you and practice it; the important thing is that you move the skeleton.
  • Fruits: A balanced diet and a daily fruit ration of filling nutrients and natural energy very beneficial to your brain.

Find a good natural brain oxygenator

Not only do you need exercise and good nutrition, your daily routine should add the intake of nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals that help you release more energy, nourish your brain and make you perform more.

There is a very famous and highly recommended food supplement. I take it and I never tire of surprising me, helped me to give more of me and not only did I notice. My co-workers asked me to give them the secret of my change.

This is BrainPlus IQ, a multivitamin, full of natural extracts of energizers and brain oxygenators. Taking two a day, you get the dose your brain needs to render more.

Before taking it, I had tested with Alpha Brain and saw not results. It really was an unpleasant experience. First because is not harmless and it did not help me in any way. On the other hand, this caused me a couple of stomach upsets.

But BrainPlus IQ soon boosted my brain and eliminated the fatigue I suffered continually at the end of the day. Because this I recommend it.

Balance is fundamental

Finally, remember that the stress level can not exceed your abilities. Always look for a balance in everything you do. Take the time to rest, dedicate to your family and enjoy life.

It will not do anything to have one of the most demanding professions and be the best at that you do, if you deteriorate your health and do not spend time for yourself. Many people interpret this as mediocrity, but it is more of a matter of knowing how value that you have and not leave your personal life aside.

Remember that in the end it will not matter how much you have worked, so do not ever sacrifice your mental and emotional health for a profession. Do your goals but always do it by taking care of your health and well-being


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