Pregnancy is a joyous occasion but it also is painfully uncomfortable. Getting a good sleep during pregnancy can be very elusive, but it is possible with a full body pillow. These pillows help to cradle your baby bump at bedtime or anytime that you need a rest.

My body pillow made sleeping for two a breeze

I knew having a baby would bring many challenges along with sleepless nights once the baby was born, but nobody warned me about how uncomfortable it would be sleeping or even lounging on the couch. I felt as if I was a beast of burden carrying a load, and my back and neck ached. I thought I had overcome my back pain after using a posture corrective, but I had to abandon it when my belly began to grow. All I desired was to lie down and rest my weary bones but it seemed to make my back pain worst.

I was only in the middle of my second trimester (22nd week) and my sleep patterns already began to change, I suffered insomnia some days, my legs were cramping up and it was impossible to find a position that was comfortable. My husband started sleeping on the couch because he said I was snoring. Just the thought of going to bed was agony.

But then everything changed! I discovered this magic body pillow. When I heard about this pillow, it was hard to imagine being comfy with such a large, curved pillow but it really works wonders.

After purchasing my body pillow I was instantly able to sleep better. I was able to comfortable place my belly on the pillow in such a way so it was comfortable. Since I was able to sleep in a more comfortable position, the snoring stopped and so did the leg cramps. My back strain has completely disappeared. The only thing I regret about my pregnancy pillow, is not discovering it sooner.

body pillow

How can you use the Body Pillow?

Body pillows are extremely easy to use. The first night I used it, I thought it would be uncomfortable and awkward to sleep with but within seconds I was sleeping like a baby. I had a U-shaped body pillow, so I positioned myself between the two-sided pillow and I was able to comfortably place my belly on the pillow while having support needed for my back and neck.

I soon discovered that my Body Pillow wasn’t just for sleeping, it was ideal for propping myself up on the couch to read a book or watch TV. It was the perfect companion for naptime in the afternoon. I was also pleasantly surprised when my adorable baby girl was born, that my pregnancy pillow works wonders for nursing. We even used it to form a safe play area for our baby girl. Even 7 months after giving birth, I still find I love sleeping with my U-shaped body pillow.

I remember before discovering my body pillow, I was so uncomfortable that I looked to my doctor for relief. But he just told that I was experiencing common pregnancy discomfort. Looking back, there is no need for any pregnant mom to experience discomfort, the key is having a good quality pregnancy pillow and sleeping will become enjoyable again.

Why do I recommend using a Body Pillow?

When I was looking at pregnancy pillows, I was overwhelmed with so many options on the market. There are U-shaped body pillows, full body pillows and snoogle pillows all claiming to be the best. But not all pillows are created equal; many of the top brands quickly become flat and lumpy. Others don’t offer the support needed for holding up your body while sleeping.

I began using a Body Pillow because I was pregnant but they are useful for everyone. It provides the body support that we all need for a good night’s sleep, also it corrects our body alignment, so we can breathe better meaning no more snoring. My husband loved my maternal pillow so much; he bought one for himself. Now his chronic back pain has vanished, as has his snoring.

Body pillows are the quintessential gift for dear friends or new mothers. Children love to use them for reading or studying in their bed. It optimizes blood circulation and provides relief to all types of back pain.

Why do I recommend a Body Pillow? For obvious reasons, it is the best kind of pillow on the market. It is made from the highest quality material which stays firm even after years of use. It is covered with a special cool cover to keep you from becoming unheated while sleeping. It is designed for people of all sorts and sizes, to improve their sleep quality and providing support for their spine, neck, hips and stomach.

If you are suffering from back pain BUT when you’re awake, you can combine the pillow use with a waist trainer (it can also help you get back in shape before giving birth!).

My body pillow is so much more than an oversized pillow; it is a magical pillow that changed my life. If you are looking for a pillow that will make your feel renewed every morning, then look no further. The body pillow is for you!


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