It is not known what exactly causes the attention deficit disorder, but a good percentage of the population has been diagnosed with this condition. It’s a neurobiological condition in which the brain’s neurotransmitter chemicals known as noradrenalin and dopamine do not work as they should. Without a treatment, this condition leaves serious consequences. For all people who suffer from this exact disease, it is recommended to take medication that is made from natural components. Currently, the best medicine on the market is BrainPlus IQ and if you stay with us, you will find out why.

If you are one of those people, who have a hard time concentrating while doing an activity, if you feel some kind of internal restlessness, or perhaps you are disorganized in your daily life, you are likely to have attention deficit disorder.attention deficit

You have probably suffered all your life, but you have never been properly diagnosed. This syndrome has a very persistent pattern: hyperactivity-impulsivity and/or inattention. This condition is present throughout the life, being able to affect children, adolescents and even adults of any age. In addition to this, there is also the genetic component that may predispose the person to develop attention deficit disorder.

How is attention deficit disorder manifested in adults?

People who suffer from attention deficit disorder can be very well suited to their environment thanks to their abilities. However, having a good performance requires a lot of energy. It is for this reason that you can see very successful professionals with ages between 30 and 40 years who live really tiring life, have a hard time falling asleep, live scattered and the performance is less and less.

They also have difficulty keeping their concentration, easily forgetting things and being easily distracted. When this happens, they begin to feel that the rest of the people are better and that they can perform better than them, which also affects their self-esteem.

People with an impulsive or hyperactive nature should also be alert, as these conditions are closely related to the attention deficit disorder. As is the case with people who are in hurry, they cannot stand to queue or simply do not have the patience to wait, those people who easily despair of slow people or make decisions in a very impulsive way.

What are the main symptoms?

  • Hyperactivity and physical restlessness.
  • Difficulty maintaining attention in an activity.
  • Difficulty initiating tasks.
  • Impulsivity, saying things without thinking about them before, do not measure the consequences of their actions.
  • They always leave things for later (chronic procrastination).
  • Difficulty completing tasks.
  • They lose and forget things frequently.
  • Mismanagement of your time.
  • They are not good at planning and organizing.

But the attention deficit disorder is not all bad. It has its benefits. The people who suffer from attention deficit disorder have very remarkable abilities, for example: they are very good at perceiving any kind of information. They are very intuitive, sensitive people and they can be the best leaders.

In addition, they are very good at conceptualizing.  With scarce information they can approach a topic very well. They are good psychologists, doctors, salesman, architects and publicists, because they understand the needs of the others. They are able to capture the ideas of others and can have a lot of empathy and perception of others.

When should we suspect?attention déficit disorder

There are some key points that can lead us to think that an adult can suffer from this condition. For example, those people who when they were in school, their grades were medium –low or medium and even so, their score in the university selection test reached excellence, they became great university students.

The opposite may also be the case. People who had very good grades in school, but when entering the university, they lower their performance or they begin to repeat matters, also change several times of race and of work.

How to perform a correct diagnosis?

The diagnosis is clinical. That is, it must be performed by a specialist, who will investigate what the patient’s symptoms are and what their history has been. In addition to this, will be performed a neurophysiological test to detail the profile of the cognitive functioning of the person, this with the reason of having a categorical and definitive diagnosis, because the person suffering from this condition will have it for life.

It is important that this is done by a specialist, as there are pathologies that can be confused with this condition. For example: anxiety, repression, dementia and compulsive obsessions and only a neurologist can make a correct diagnosis by differentiating attention deficit disorder from other conditions.

Is there a treatment?

Of course. It should always be treated, otherwise it could become more evident and bring problems in the daily life of the person. The first stage of the treatment is to make the family and the patient understand why this happens, so that changes can be made to help them coexist better.

As for pharmacological treatment, it is only prescribed when it is really necessary and is done taking into account the performance and the quality of life of the person. Some people turn to risky drugs such as Adderall that are hazardous to physical and mental health. Its consumption represents a danger to the psychic security of the user.

That is why, instead of resorting to this remedy that is sold by prescription, there are natural options that are much more effective and safe. The best on the market is without a doubt BrainPlus IQ, a supplement made based on Phosphatidylserine, which improves memory and increases the ability to concentrate. This is the option that you should tip over to get results.


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