Extracted through compression from the fruit peels of sweet orange, orange essential oil is one of the sweetest smelling of the essential oils. It is called sweet orange oil because it is different from the essential oils derived from bitter oranges, like Bergamot essential oil.

Orange oil contains limonene, myrcene, citronellal, geraniol, linalool, neral, alpha pinene, and sabinene. Very potent phytochemicals in essential oils bring about metabolic changes at the cellular level. It also has a proven antitumor function that is highly beneficial.

Why Orange Oil is our favourite?

✓ Antidepresant
✓ Acts as a mild sedative
✓ Diuretic
✓ Antispasmodic
✓ Antiseptic

Sweet orange oil is used in aromatherapy and herbal medicine. Some orange essential oil uses include:

As an Antidepressant

The essential oil of orange reduces the secretion of cortisol and lowers the pulse rate, thus decreasing anxiety, stress and lifting the mood.

As a Sedative

Orange oil functions as a mild sedative, reducing fatigue,pain, anger, and other strong feelings. It is somehow relaxing, while keeping your senses alert. This effect can be enjoying through smelling orange oil. Diffusing it throughout the room is a great option for the entire family.

As an Anti-inflammatory

Orange oil can regulate the body’s inflammatory responses. It reduces redness and swelling and relieves runny noses and coughs.

As an Antispasmodic

Spasms in skeletal muscles, or muscle cramps, are uncomfortable and sometimes painful and can result in sprains and muscle tears. The relaxing effect of orange oil, however, can relieve spasms and cramps very quickly.

As a Diuretic

This essential oil is a mild diuretic that facilitates the removal of unfavorable elements from the body, including toxins, excess salts, and uric acid through increased urination. Orange essential oil thus reduces edema caused by water retention. In this manner it also decreases reduces blood pressureand an excessive load on the heart.

As an Antiseptic

Citrus oils, of which orange is one of, have well-known antiseptic properties. It can be used on cuts, infections, scrapes, bug bites and other skin ailments, without any harmful side effects.

As an Aphrodisiac

Because it increases interest in sex and improves sexual performance, orange oil is considered a mild aphrodisiac. It does this in two ways, by reducing anxiety and by increasing the secretion of sex hormones.

To relieve fatigue

Orange oil can perk you up and relieve physical and mental fatigue. This effect is enhanced when mixed with lavender, which creates a wonderful and aromatic fragrance. Mix both orange and lavender essential oils in a diffuser and let the aroma permeate your home for relaxation and lifting of the spirits. Another way in which this combination can be enjoyed is in a warm and relaxing bath.

The essential oil of orange is one of the most affordable essential oils, yet the benefits of this oil are superb. Bring the uplifting and delightful smell into your home today.


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