In this article I’ll share with you the best waist exercises that helped me regain my core strength and muscles.

After I had my baby 6 months ago, I felt a little bit deflated. Not about my baby! (She’s perfect!) But about my body! No one told me that after giving birth my stomach would still look like I was 6 months pregnant, except that instead of being round and plump, it was just kind of squishy and fatty.

I was aghast and almost embarrassed! I know, I know, I shouldn’t have been. But, the reality is that I just couldn’t help it. So, I was determined to do something about my body and as soon as I got the go-ahead from my doctor, I started working on regaining a hourglass figure. I’ll share with you the best waist exercises that helped me regain my core strength and muscles.

It’s important to remember a few things about waist exercises and core strength building. If you are post-partum, make sure you get cleared with your doctor before you get started!

Diet before waist slimming exercises and the combination of both

However, none of this could work if I would not incorporate a healthy diet. The combination of aerobic and localized exercise with a balanced menu is the best strategy for anyone who wants to leave the waist area free of fat. Green tea, cinnamon, ginger, red peppers and other foods with thermogenic action contribute to the burning of excess fats.

They key to showing off your core muscles is that you can’t have a lot of body fat, because you won’t be able to see your muscles otherwise. All of the exercises below can be done with a waist trainer ← click to read more about this. I used one to help me target my core, increase the intensity of my waist workout, and help me get a hourglass figure.

First things first: Developing my Obliques

I found out that I should start with abs exercises. Therefore, for those who want to achieve a perfect body, they should perform the oblique abdominal. This is a type of abdominal performed specifically for the oblique muscles of the abdomen.

The oblique exercise is so important because most people end up worrying exclusively about the straight abdominal muscles and do not practice any type of exercise for the obliques. But, this muscle is as important as the straight, as it strengthens the side area of the torso, helps define the abdomen and leaves your body stabilized.

This is not only an aesthetic exercise, but also enhances and strengthens your body after a long period of pregnancy.

I have created a series of crunches for my abs routine: I have combined cross-body crunch, which is also called bicycle crunches, I have done side bend and oblique crunch. All these are isometric waist slimming exercises, ideal for first starts.

Top 5 Waist Exercises to Get a Tiny Waist


They’re not just for your legs! When done properly, squats can activate the ab muscles better than most other exercises. In fact, it trains your entire pillar, from shoulders to hips and it’s an excellent exercise for a waist training workout.

Instructions: Place your feet shoulder-width apart and your weight evenly distributed on your feet, bend at the knees and squat down. You should keep your back straight, head up and arms in front of you. Make sure your core muscles are engaged. Stand back up and repeat.

best waist exercises


Planks engage multiple muscle groups at the same time. It helps to strengthen the inner core muscles, back, arms, shoulders, and legs.

Instructions: Plant your hands directly under the shoulders slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Ground your toes into the floor and squeeze your core and glutes to stabilize yourself. Hold this position for as long as possible, taking short breaks if needed.

exercises for small waist

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers strengthen the core, but they also are great cardio, which helps burn abdominal fat. It’s a great total body workout and will get your heart rate up and help you burn lots of calories.

Instructions: Start in a pushup position and bend your knees up towards your chin, one at a time. Keep your core muscles really tight, move quickly and keep your hips up and body straight.


Scorpion Plank

Like planks and mountain climbers, this exercise is a great core workout. It will work on your inner core, obliques, back, and buttocks as well. It is a little more advanced, so don’t fret if you can’t get it perfectly right away.

Instructions: Begin in plank position, remember to keep the proper form as explained above. Balancing on your right foot, lift your hips toward the sky and kick your left leg up as high as possible. Then Bend the knee and try to kick your glute. Lengthen the leg, square the hips, and shift forward to a single-leg plank. Now draw the left knee into and across the chest—aiming your knee toward your right elbow. Finally, re-extend the left leg and lower it to the ground to return to your starting plank position.

scorpion plank

Side Planks

Side planks work an often weak muscle called the quadratus lumborum, which is part of the posterior abdominal wall. Having strong back muscles go a really long way in helping you have a strong and small waist.

Instructions: Start on your side with your feet together and one forearm directly below your shoulder.

Contract your core and raise your hips until your body is in a straight line from head to feet.

Hold the position without letting your hips drop for the allotted time for each set, then repeat on the other side.

side plank

You may have noticed that I left off crunches and sit ups from the list of waist exercises. The truth is that if you want a smaller waist, you should avoid regular crunches and sit ups. They help to build ab muscles that bulge out and they are not the best exercises for smaller waist. I just used an abs stimulator machine to tone the whole zone.

If you want to have a smaller waist measurement, stick to these core exercises above and pair it up with a training corset for a really effective regimen.

Before I go, I would like to address some questions I had for some time and I feel they could be yours as well. I know it, because some of my friends turned then into frequently asked questions when they wanted to know what I did:

How can I get a smaller waist?

This was one of my intriguing questions, understandably. My answer remains the same as I gave to them. There is nothing more effective than applying a routine called Side Planks, which I have already described.

What are good waist exercises?

If you really need to know why they are good, it is because they burn that excess bulge around our waist. And, answering your question, well, these have to be the Mountain Climbers! I truly recommend!

How do you tighten your waist?

If you are really wondering how you can tighten your waist, there is only one way: Stick to these core exercises above and pair it up with a training corset for a really effective weight loss and slimmer waist routine.

What foods to eat to get a smaller waist?

Very important question! The idea behind any type of diet is to be able to eat properly and still lose weight. The equation to lose weight is simple: eat less calories than you can burn every day! Some of the food called thermogenic are perfect for slimmer waistline.

You can read more tips on how lost weight fast in this article. It worked for me. 6 months after a baby I am trimmer and fitter than ever! Best of luck!


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