Every girl dreams of having an hourglass body shape, it’s our ultimate dream body. Men love an hourglass figure because it’s sexy and feminine. Women love it because it looks fantastic in everything they wear.

But, is it possible to have an hourglass figure if you weren’t born with one? Yes! in this article I’m going to share you a secret about how you can get an hourglass figure in less than 30-days. There are 5 specific body types: pear, apple, inverted triangle, straight, and the beloved hourglass shape. No matter what shape your body be, you can sculpt it into the last one.

I’m sure you are thinking “but exercise…I don’t have time for that!” Don’t worry, this method of transforming your body is easy and doesn’t require endless sit-ups. The best part is that it really works.

Follow These Steps To Get That Hourglass Body Shape!

The Secret lies in teaching your abdomen the shape you want it to be. Using a waist cincher will help you to sculpt your waist into a perfect hourglass figure.

How Does Waist Training Help You get an Hourglass Figure?

It compresses your muscles into the position that you desire, often a tinier waistline. When worn regularly, muscles begin to remember the new position, become stronger and start to hold the waist in, even when not worn. From day one wearing your new cincher you will notice that you have a smaller midriff, flatter tummy and sexier silhouette. It will make you 2 to 3 sizes smaller.

There is a great variety on the market; You can find some made of rubber latex, also latex corsets with boning for extra compression, or the traditional corsets with fine bone and lace fabric. You can check many types in our post about Waist Trainers.

It is recommended that you use your corset for several hours a day, even while you are on your day-to-day activities. The more your wear it, the faster you will see results in getting an hourglass figure.

Also, for better results, it’s highly recommended to use it along with a healthy diet and a regular exercise plan. You can improve your workout routines using a Sweat Belt, which helps fat burning. Check this waist trimmer for getting more info!

How to Conceal a Waist Slimmer Under Your Clothes

Most women know that looking sexy has nothing to do on how much skin’s exposed, but on looking polished and well-put together, making sure that everything is in its place and undergarments are out of sight.

Since there are several different styles of body shapers on the market, it would be wise to get at least three different styles to use with different outfits.

Here are some aspects to consider before covering your garment up with clothes:

  • The color of your clothing matters: Are your wearing a light or dark colored top over it? If you are wearing sheer fabric, choose a beige or white corset for the day.
  • Fabric is important: It can be easily concealed under heavy materials or fabrics but if you’re wearing lightweight fabric, the hooks might show.
  • The cut of your clothes: Certain cuts such as crop tops or low backs will be unable to conceal your corset.

If you find that certain outfits don’t work well, you can always use shapewear designed for specific parts of the body such as: high waisted panties, high-waist leggings or high waisted thongs.

Try having several different types and colors of shapewear in your wardrobe, this will leave you looking amazing in everything.

How to Prevent a Waist Trainer From Rolling Down

One the most common complaints is the rolling down of it. This problem can be easily prevented if you buy the correct size. It can be tempting to get a smaller size, but it will not function correctly, besides being very uncomfortable.

For the best results, buy a body shaper that is true to your body’s size and not the size you wish it were. If you find that you are between sizes, it is always best to go up a size instead of down.


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