We love fashion but it doesn’t always love our body. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you had a secret hack that would help you look amazing in all the styles that are out this year? Well, there is good news because there is a way to hide your flaws and get a great skin tightening effect for enhancing your curvy body.

None of us are born perfect, but we just need to learn to camouflage our flaws and flaunt our attributes. Some of your flaws might have appeared over time because of age or the muffin-top that is rolling over your jeans that was a leftover gift from your second child.

Here are some clever ways to hide your body flaws and disguise our batwings, molehills, back-bacon, angel wings, muffin top and so much more! There is no need to panic or despair, these so-called fashion flaws can be easily fixed.

Check This Amazing Skin Tightening Tricks!

We all have flaws whether we’d like to admit it or not but these useful hacks can make them disappear in a wink of the eye.

Skin Tightening for Those Batwings

This is the loose piece of skin that dangles from our upper arm, and is caused because of muscle loss, lack of skin elasticity or weight loss or gain.

Banish batwings once and for all with an arm shaper or arm control shapewear.

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Hide Your Body Flaws When It Comes to Molehills

Often called mountains, ample breasted women have a struggle keeping their breasts looking perky instead of droopy. Often an ill-fitting bra causes the latter.

You can easily hide your body flaw by wearing the correct bra size, so make sure you are wearing the correct size and look for bras that offer support to hold your girls up. A bodysuit is another option to keep then looking perky all day long.

Get Rid of Back-Bacon

This is when all of your fat from the front of your body tends to roll to the back because of what you are wearing. This looks like a big slab of bacon, very unflattering but it can easily be fixed.

The best solution for disguising this is by wearing a waist trainer or a girdle. This type of shapewear will make your bacon back disappear. Take a look at this post on Waist Trainers here!

Clip Those Angel Wings

Angel wings or back fat is that unsightly fat that appears around your bra band and straps. It is caused by a poorly fitting bra or by wearing skimpy lacey bras that offer no support.

To masquerade your back fat make sure that you are wearing the correct bra size, you can do so by getting professionally fitted at your local lingerie store or online. Also, choose bras that have wider back bands and straps and with hook-and-eye closure in the front.

Be sure to check out some the fantastic body shapers out there such as a body suit or a high-waist brief.

Bust That Muffin Top

It is time to hide your muffin top, so you can go enjoy eating a real muffin-top. Let’s be honest, the only time a muffin top looks good is on top of a muffin.

To camouflage your muffin-top, use shape wear that are made from a Nylon/Lycra blend. Choose from garments such as high-waist briefs, all-in-one body suits and rubber/Lycra waist trimmers. If you’ve recently gave birth, the best option are high waisted panties.

With these easy hacks you can hide your body flaws and will be flaunting your body in no time!


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