You finally got your nightly skin care routine down perfectly. Plus, we are rocking the HIIT routine weekly. So why aren’t you caring for your wardrobe as you care for your body and complexion?


As you know, many cheaper quality cleansers can do more harm for your skin than good by stripping your face of its natural moisture barrier. Cheaper detergents can strip your clothes, causing then to fade and wear out faster, especially with your denim.

Choose the right detergent

Just as face cleansers and lotions are not created for all skin types, your soap detergents are not created for all types of clothes. If you have noticed on the detergent aisle at your local supermarket, there are all types of cleaners, some designed for delicates and others for darker colors.

For washing your denim, you need to use a formula that is designed to wash darker colors to avoid unwanted fading or fraying, which would shorten the life span of your favorite jeans.

Have you ever noticed that your dyed hair fades a little after each wash, unless we use a special shampoo to prevent color loss? If you use an all-propose formula for your clothes, the same will happen. Detergent for darker colors is designed to lock in color and doesn’t contain chlorine that can slowly break down the stray fibers, causing your jeans to wear out faster.

Choose the correct cycle on your washing machine

Just because denim looks sturdy doesn’t mean you should be washing it in the regular or heavy-duty cycle. Actually the best cycle to wash your denim is on delicate, the same cycle you use to wash your lingerie.

washing machine

The gentle or delicate cycle will prevent your jeans from shrinking and prevent the jeans finish from wearing out too fast. Since denim absorbs loads of water while washing make sure you only wash it with similar items. If you are washing frayed jeans and want to preserve the distressed look, then you can look for a detergent designed for colored delicate clothing.

Plus, another little hint of advice is to wash your jeans or denim jackets inside out, as this will avoid them from coming into direct contact with the detergent. This will keep your denim looking brand new longer.

Never wash in hot water

Hot water doesn’t only shrink your jeans by at least two sizes, but it destroys the integrity of your denims fibers and causes the fibers to release the blue dye. Before washing your jeans, even if you have already washed them dozens of times, read the washing instructions. Just because one pair of jeans should be washed a certain way doesn’t mean all jeans should be washed the same way.


Often, denim that is darker in color, such an indigo or dark blue, will bleed color while being washed. If this is the case, avoid washing them with other lighter colored jeans.

Whenever possible hang dry your jeans to avoid further damage from the high heat of the dryer. If you most dry your denim in the dryer make sure you dry them at a low heat.


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