Finally you gave birth, now its time to loose that baby belly. But it seems to like hanging around (literally) reminding you that your entire body is a wiggly-jingly mess. We have tried just about every type of shapewear and bodysuits out there to find which one is the best to control that post-baby jiggle.

Believe us when we tell you that it is possible to love those new-mommy curves, just let body shapers help you embrace your constantly changing body. Bodysuits for women, as do girdles, help to compress your abdomen, back and hips into your pre-pregnancy body, making the impossible suddenly possible.

But how does a shaping bodysuit help you to loose weight and feel more confident? How can you find the right one for you? Here are the answers to your questions and everything you need to know about body suits and postpartum. Plus, you can check out our list of some of the best-rated shapewear available online.

How does wearing a slimming bodysuit help after giving birth?

Using a shaping bodysuit postpartum or girdle applies compression around the entire midriff, which allows the tummy and uterus to return to its original size and position. Even though body shapers are designed for smoothing out your body flaws, it can help retrain your body to be a trimmer, slimmer you. Also, for caesarean moms, it applies light pressure to the incision spot helping it stay in place and heal faster.

There are many other benefits of using a bodysuit postpartum, such as boosting your self-esteem. Most new moms feel uncomfortable with the extra flab and baby weight around their waist. Wearing a body-flattering bodysuit will give you the confidence you need to keep busy and allow your body to return to normal.

After delivering your baby, your abdomen is a little bit deflated because you were carrying around your little angel in there. Your muscles need to contract and return to their original positions. Wearing a bodysuit will provide the compression you need to hold your skin and muscles in place and improve your posture.

When can I start wearing body shapers after pregnancy? Always ask your doctor before wearing any type of body shaper, especially if you have had a C-section. Generally, you can start wearing a bodysuit for women about 1 week after giving birth.

Best types of body-healing bodysuits and girdles

benefits of using a bodysuit postpartumThere are many types of girdles and bodysuits available but not all are created equal. Here are the five top, must-have body shapers if you are serious about losing that mommy belly once and for all.

  1. Corset style girdle: Often have enclosed medical-grade wires or plastic bones that is often tightened around your midriff with strings or clasps. This is a great alternative for post-partum weight loss because the size can be tightened as you lose weight.
  2. Pull on bodysuit: One of the most popular styles of allover compression that will leave you feeling secure and confident on your road to regaining control of your body and your life. Shapermint bodysuits come in a variety of styles and sizes to help get you looking your best faster, plus they can be worn with your nursing bra.
  3. Wrap style girdle: Similar to the corset style girdle, just that it comes with a Velcro fastener that can be adjusted, often it is made from thicker material so it harder to conceal under clothes. If you have had a C-section you should avoid this style of body shaper, as it can interfere with the recovery.
  4. Full bodysuit: Full bodysuits are a great alternative if you need full body control and need a little extra confidence boost. Plus this style of bodysuit isideal if you hate chafing caused when you wear your favorite skirt or dress.


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