The fashion industry is evolving faster than a blink of an eye and moving towards an era of inclusive sizing.

Even though the plus size market has improved in the last few years, it still isn’t what women consider to be fashionable, glamorous or trendy. Often, styles are loosely cut and styled to conceal their figure instead of accentuating their curves. Stylish, clingy fabrics and designs are often avoided, making plus size styles look out-of-date and prehistoric.

Today’s average teenager is a size 14 and up. Even though there are more options for the plus size girl than ten years ago, there is still a huge need for improvement. Fashion brands need to stop stereotyping plus size girls by assuming they don’t want to be trendy and fashionable.

Here are six of the biggest complaints from plus size teens when it comes to today’s fashion choices. As we embrace a world of inclusive sizing, the fashion industry needs to start listening to the future generation of women if they want to survive.

Most of us spend more time studying than clubbing

Plus size fashion

Sure, that shinny-sequined tank top with faux leather leggings looks fantastic on the mannequin but honestly, most of us wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it outside of the change room. Plus, who has time to go clubbing every night, when we have to do loads of homework and prepare for our future. Please give us more options for school, such as cute sweaters and some funky-styled distressed jeans.

Stop dressings us like catholic nuns

plus size shorts

Short shorts and mini skirts are all the rage at the moment, so why are you making us still wear last year’s maxi dresses and bohemian styled skirts? We are not nuns, so stop making us wear skirts like them! Even if we can find shorter skirts, they always hit lower than our knee, telling us that we need to feel ashamed of our legs.

Bermuda shorts are for my mom not me!

shorts plus

Come on, Bermuda shorts are so early 90’s. Plus, how can you make me wear something that my mom would wear, that’s just so wrong. We want to wear the same short shorts that our smaller sized friends are wearing. Stop selling us baggy, high-waisted shorts that land just above our knees!

We like good quality clothes too, stop selling us a cheaper knockoffs

plus-size forever21

At the moment, the only stylish, plus size clothes available are either found at Target or Forever 21. We would like to buy something that would last longer than one or two washes before literally falling apart in the washer. All the other plus size selections by fashion brands seem to think we are constantly going to formal events. Like, who dresses like that, really?

Stop making us feel like we aren’t good enough to shop with skinny girls

size inclusivity

We are not embarrassed of our curves, so stop sending us to the back of the store to a designated section for plus size girls. Just put all the sizes on the rack from XXS to XXXL. Size inclusivity means exactly what it sounds like, the same top in sizes for every women and at the same price!

Plus size teenagers want to feel normal and accepted by their peers. But, if the fashion industries aren’t willing to treat them as equals, they are making them feel isolated and alone. If fashion brands aren’t able to step out of the dark ages and connect with today’s teenage plus size girl, they might be replaced by a brand that can in the future.


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