Hiding the fact that women wear shapewear is so last year. Times are changing and celebrities are opening up about their control garments that give them that smooth, red carpet silhouette.

Honestly, why should we be embarrassed about a smoothing undergarment that makes us look amazing in the gold dress and gives us a instant confidence boost.

Why Wear Shapewear

Whether you have a big event coming up or just need a little extra something to make your feel and look your best. Give yourself a helping hand, by wearing today’s innovative styles and fabrics that will smooth you up and give you a super sleek silhouette.

Even though shapewear for women isn’t a requirement to dress well, it does make the ideal foundation for your clothes to sit on your body better.

Plus, we all have had days when we feel a little bloated or not as sexy as we’d like to be, but slipping into a premium bodysuit or control panties can instantly boost your confidence and mood.

But just as in applying foundation to your skin, there are some tricks to masterfully applying it to look your best. The same goes for getting that smooth red-carpet look, you need to know which underpinnings to wear with your ensemble.

Types of shapewear


Even though they might look like a sexier version of a one-piece swimsuit, they are very, very different. Shapewear bodysuits from Shapermint for example, are smooth out your tummy, give your bosom a little extra lift, perk up your booty and create an all over sleek silhouette, all of that in one body shaper.

They are ideal for wearing under just about any type of outfit, from trousers and tops, to dresses and skirts. Most bodysuits include a built-in underwire bra for extra support. Some are so gorgeous that you can even wear them as outerwear

2Shaping camisoles

You will love these little layering camisoles that smoothen out your upper body and flatten that belly. Quite a few celebrities love wearing their shaping cami over another piece of control wear for an ultra sleek look.

A great choice for when you are wearing a dress that is tight-fitting at the top and flared at the bottom. Look great when used under a semi-sheer blouse and trousers, skinny jeans or a skirt.

3Waist cinchers

That nip/tucked hourglass figure can make any dress go from being ho-hum to stunning. The best way to add a little extra definition to your midriff is by wearing a waist cincher. It is similar to a wide belt that is worn tightly around your waist, smoothing out your tummy and improving your posture to help create a more defined hourglass figure.

There are so many styles such as front eye-and-hook closures, pull-on styles or Velcro. With some lacier pieces, you will have a hard time keeping them covered with your clothes.

You can wear your cincher under any ensemble; just that if you are wearing a body-hugging dress, you might want to choose a seamless version for a more streamlined look.

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4Shaping briefs, panties and shorts

The best body shapewear is often the simplest; the style of shapewear will be your all-time favorite because of its versatility and comfort. Most control briefs, panties or shorts offer some type of tummy-control and way less intimidating than full body shapewear.

If you are looking for a slim-fit and smooth line under your skirt or skinny jeans, then shaping shorts or briefs are your best choices. Not only will they give your rear a little perk-me-up but also they will smooth out your thighs and tuck in your tummy.

5The sexy side of shapewear

Traditional shapewear used to look like a gigantic Band-Aid and we couldn’t even use the word sexy to describe it. It was just plain ugly.

But times have changed and women want to look their best with their clothes on and still feel sexy under their clothes. This has revolutionized the way all types of body wear, including plus size shapewear is designed.

Body wear that looks like sexy lingerie but with the compression we have come to love from traditional Band-Aid sucking control wear. Get the structured support you have come to love but in sexier fashions that will keep the romance in the bedroom.

Shapewear isn’t just about tummy tucking and booty-enhancing, it is about that feeling we get when we wear it, as if we could rule the world. About the versatility of being able to wear what we want, when we want, even when we feel a little bloated.


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