From having cocktail parties, family dinners to office parties, choosing the best festive Christmas clothes is a dire challenge. What might be appropriate for one occasion can be considered to be totally inappropriate for another, such as wearing your nana’s hand-knitted Santa-themed sweater to a cocktail party.

Christmas is about getting in touch with long-lost friends, unwinding with your workmates and reconnecting with family. Since most of them are going to be harshly judging how you have changed the past year, you need to look your best.

Here is everything you need to know about what to wear this Christmas season, showing your festive spirit but looking your best too. We have broken it down into two sections: Christmas parties and family get-togethers.

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Christmas parties

If you are going to a causal Christmas party, try one of this year’s biggest fads by wearing a playful puffy sleeve blouse, look for cherry red tones to make it look more cheery and pair it with a pair of dark wash jeans or a black pencil skirt with ballet flats. Throw on a pair of festive earrings and you are ready to go.

If you are going to a semi-formal event, then ditch your little black dress and find an emerald colored cocktail dress with some playful ruffles. Straight iron your hair and look for some ruby colored earing to show the world your holiday cheer!

Going to a formal cocktail party, then get out the full-blown glam with a gold toned sequin covered dress. Let your inner fab show your merry spirit with a shiny, eye-popping dress this season, just throw on some heels and an up ‘do and you are ready to take on any party.

Family get-togethers

Often, these events are more relaxed depending on what the event entails, maybe it is inside chowing down on turkey dinner or having a hotdog and marshmallow roast outside while sledding. Whatever the event, you need to look and feel your best.

Just because it is dinner at your mom and dad’s house doesn’t mean you can slum it or wear your old pajamas to the dinner table, as you never know who might unexpectedly drop by. Try wearing a pair of high-waisted black dress pants with a forest green cropped sweater with hoop earrings to dinner. You will look sleek, festive and ready for whatever might happen later that evening.

Christmas time is about having fun outside and reconnecting to nature, but remember that you still have to dress stylish under that big bulky winter coat and boots, for when you go inside to drink hot chocolate around the fire. One of our all-time favorite Christmas outfits is a simple pair of skinny jeans with a big oversized one-tone sweater and pair of big comfy slippers.


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