Recently, fashion has taken a pleasant turn down the more inclusive aisle, by offering us a wider range of sizes, skin tone colors and non-gender styles. But, they are also celebrating our bodies, including what we used to consider to be flaws, such as acne, cellulite and those lumps and bumps.

We are living in a fashion age that is defining what is considered to be beautiful and breaking though the boundaries. Admit you always hit “like” when you see a plus-size yogi rocking her leggings or a vintage bikini on Instagram.

But, how has body positivity and accepting our flaws changing the face of fashion? And, is it powerful enough to change a billion dollar industry of photo-shopped, pencil thin models?

Who is winning? – Body positivity or the fashion industry

Thankfully, many brands are braving the stereotyping surrounding what the fashion industry considers to be beautiful. Clothing brands have expanded their sizes and many companies are including more diversely sized models that are NOT photo-shopped!

Many customers agree that they prefer to purchase from online clothing stores that use “real women” in their advertisements or for modeling their product. More and more women oppose photo campaigns that promote what they consider to be the ideal “body shape.”

Overall, women find plus-size models more compelling or a woman who looks like she lives in their community.

Another factor that has changed in recent years is they hate feeling that being a plus-size means you are not good enough to shop with the so-called “ideal” dress size ladies. More and more online stores have transformed their websites from exclusive to inclusive.

Companies such as Victoria Secret have seen a drastic drop by not changing their ad campaigns to attract women but instead designed to entice men. Women today want to feel inspired, empowered and confident when choosing new ensembles or undergarments. They don’t want to feel as if they are being body shamed because they don’t look like the girl on the advertisement.

Women need to be able to identify with the clothing brand and their models before wanting to purchase from them.

But what online companies are promoting body positivity?

Clothing brands that uplift body positivity

Online clothing and intimate wear sales are at an all-time high but shopping mainstream stores is at an all time low. Why? Maybe it is because we dread seeing impossibly thin mannequins in shop windows? Or perhaps it is because we just get depressed about the very thought of trying something on in the dressing room and seeing ourself in the mirror?

No matter how confidant we are, the moment we walk though the department store doors, we begin to feel anxiety and uncomfortable with our bodies. Stop body shamming yourself. Here is a list of stores that want you to love your body!

Aerie is a leader in body positivity and specializes in all of your attire needs from lingerie to swimwear. They believe that we need to accept all body types. That means that none of their models have been photo-shopped or retouched.

Shapermint wants to help you flaunt your curves in style by making you feel sexy in your skin. They are one of the largest selections online of different shapewear brands and other intimate wear. Their models are all “real women” like you and me; they don’t use any professional models.

The online vintage and indie clothing store carries sizes from XS to 4X. Since 2014, they have been innovative by using all types of clothing models. Also, they have signed a pledge for advertisers that they will not change or adapt any of their model’s original features, colors, etc.


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