I don’t think there is a woman on the face of the planet who doesn’t know about or hasn’t used high waisted panties. Shapewear panties are not a privative piece for the curvy girls, although many people think that. Have you ever wondered how celebrities do to hide the panty lines and look that smooth on the red carpet? Yes, you got it! Of course, it’s with body shaping underwear.

So, in today’s post we have put together three essential pieces of shaping underwear that meet the following characteristics:

  1. They are made in excellent fabrics
  2. They are not extremely expensive
  3. They serve for any occasion

As you may know, celebrities have us accustomed to mega expensive shapewear (it’s OK, we’re not going to name the brands but check at the: “#ad” right?) but, we all know that there are products that fulfill the same function at less than half the price.

Shaping underwear can be useful for a variety of factors, no matter whether its sculpting your curves or trying to keep lines smooth beneath tough knits. Even so, buying the right item can be daunting! We’ve eased the method with this listing of essentials, plus how they can operate for you.

Practically nothing can damage an outfit like the incorrect pair of underwear, but with the proper foundation pieces, that’ll never ever take place again. I made an extensive research into the most bought and better-reviewed pairs for every category of shapewear, so you can get the picks that give you the perfect shape in every need.

Therefore, today we bring a selection that we made all over the internet with the best body shaper panties to cover any occasion.

1. High Waisted Shaper Short

Best Overall

Price: $32,00

Why we choose this women’s shaping shorts as our best overall choice? It’s simple:

  • It has seven different targeted compression zones
  • The material is breathable and smooth
  • It lifts your butt
  • It contracts your tummy
  • It shapes your legs
  • You can choose between two different colors: Nude and Black.

Look how the High Waisted Shaper Short works:

This kind of high waisted underwear is great for special occasions because it provides you firm compression, it lifts your butt and it’s invisible under your clothes.

Of course, it’s a High-Waisted Shaper Short, so you can’t use it with all your clothes. Anyway, it’s worth it, because it eliminates the awful panty lines that every day ruins your outfit.

This shaping underwear is useful not just for the slimming benefits as for your comfort. If you have fatty inner thighs, it’s the ultimate solution to not hurt them when you have to walk or stay in a dress or skirt for a long time.

What customers have to say about the High Waisted Shaper Short:

tempthing shaper review2. Ultra Thin High-Waist Shaping Panty

Best for your pocket

Price: $28,00

This one is cheaper than the shaping shorts and it fills the holes than the first one lefts because you can use these shaping panties with short dresses, shorts and short skirts.

Look how the Ultra Thin High Waist Shaping Panty works:

You can choose between two different colors: Nude and Black.

We choose this high waisted panties because this pick really makes you forget the expensive and awkward fitting shapewear that we’re used to. Finally, we found a piece of underwear you can wear for hours without even noticing it. And, it works!

It’s not a replacement for our first choice but it’s an ideal option for short dresses, skirts and shorts. You’ll look sleek and smooth at all times and you’re going to love it because it’s so comfortable that it feels like a second skin.

This is a perfect tummy control underwear for everyday use. In comparison to other Tummy control panties it feels like it has an extra compression for your stomach area and it helps when you sit down because it doesn’t roll down.

What customers have to say about the Ultra Thin High Waist Shaping Panty:

favworld shaper review3. Shaping Panty Thong

Best for everyday use

Price: $14,99

This Shaping Panty Thong is a big NO to panty lines. If you were worried about the lines with the shaping shorts or shaping panties, this seamless shaping thong is your best choice. It provides you the expected tummy control as well as it’s entirely invisible even under extra fit clothes.

I’ve experimented with dozens upon dozens of different panties styles and what I have identified is that some items function better than others. The most important for me is finding slimming underwear that never roll down, hold your tummy, and smooth your curves, all with no creating obvious panty lines.

This tummy flattener thong can also be used as a postpartum or postsurgical panty.

Look how the Shaping Panty Thong works:

You can choose between two different colors: Nude and Black.

I made this essentials list because some shaping panties had been fantastic—they did specifically what they claimed they’d do. Sometimes you buy shaping underwear that works well in terms of “slimming” but after an hour wearing it, you start feeling sick due to lack of circulation. On the other hand, there are others that don’t work at all: they roll down, harm you, irritate your skin and make you look worse.

Before finishing, I want to let you with a special gift: one of the essential factors to contemplate when purchasing handle-best shaping underwear is whether it’ll roll down when you sit down. If you’ve ever experienced this, you may know how super-awkward and unpleasant it is. Everything’s going well and smooth until you finally sit down and you come to feel the waistband go roll down and land properly below your tummy (the main reason why you bought that shapewear in the first place).

So never be afraid to try out your high waisted panties on after you purchase ‘em and change them if it doesn’t work. Get them into your room and try it: sit down and stand up a few times, pick something from the floor, walk around, attain up—to make certain they do not go where they are not supposed to. Also, remember that the main cause of this awkward situation is having a smaller size!


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