Years ago it was a hype between the Kardashians, Nicki Minaj and Black China. Every curvy celebrity was using one. Yes, I’m talking about the waist trainer!

It’s everywhere. But now, why has everybody started talking about waist training again? Because now people like YOU and ME are giving it a try. So, after looking so many waist trainer before and after pictures, I finally tried these ones:

Now I’m going to share with you how using the best waist trainer helped me have the hourglass figure I always dreamed of. But, before going further, I want to share with you my own before and after pic.

waist trainer before and after

I weigh 128 lbs and my height is 5’4’’. Before waist training, I had 28 inches and after 14 days I got 26! If your waist is between 26 and 30 like mine, an S size will fit you best if you get the same waist trainer I used.

What Is The Best Waist Trainer To Buy?

I bought different waist trainers and these two are the best. I found that there are VERY expensive ones on the market but they aren’t worth it. They are all the same but with different packages.

I have these training girdles: one for special occasions and one for everyday use.

I wear the latex one for working out. It’s a bit shorter and very comfortable. I have a better range of movement in it.

The vest one is serious business and it has shoulder straps. It’s longer and tighter and I found it more efficient than the other one. But, I can’t use it always because of the straps.

What Is Waist Training – Does It Work?

Waist training is the process of gradually decreasing your waist size by wearing a  trainer for a few hours a day and gradually increasing its tightness.

Many Waist trainers, or training girdles, are usually made of latex with plastic or steel boning and have clips or a zipper to adjust their tightness. Some people choose to wear old-fashioned corsets with laces, but those can be a lot more expensive. They are, however, a great fashion choice!

Why I Started Waist Training?

I really, really wanted to have an hourglass body shape and – even though I was hesitant – waist training seemed like the only way, short of surgery, to achieve it.

After a lot of online research, reading in-depth waist trainer reviews and some encouragement from a couple of friends who waist train, I decided to give the waist trainer vest (2nd choice) a try to start my small “waste” journey.

First Couple Weeks Training My Waist

There’s tons of info online to help you find the best waist trainer. There are great options whether you are looking for a latex waist trainer or a regular waist training corset (especially great if you have a latex allergy and for summer).

In my first week, the best thing I could notice is that when you wear it, you have to always sit up straight. Your breasts are lifted and totally out there, which may be out of your comfort zone, but boy do you look good! So you may have to get used to it at the beginning but the result is like an instant body sculpting.

I started off wearing it in the first row of clips and I couldn’t go for more than half an hour. But after two weeks, I was able to bring it down to the third row of clips. It’s amazing how fast it works.

Waist Training Routine: How I Lost 2 Inches In 14 Days?

  1. I put on my latex waist trainer first thing in the morning when I wake up and drink a glass of water to avoid dehydration.
  2. I go to the gym and work out for 45’ in the mornings three times a week (I was doing it before started waist training)
  3. After showering I put on my waist trainer again. I can wear it under my clothes and no one even notices it when I’m at work. I keep it on for 6 hours every single day.
  4. I come back home and I use the vest waist trainer (the larger one) for about two hours while doing chores or watching tv.
  5. I don’t sleep with any waist trainer.

With this routine, I have already lost 2 inches off of my waist in the past 2 weeks without adding extra exercise and without changing my diet.

Do Waist Trainers Work?

Is the hype worth it? Totally! Great waist training results are real, as long as you are consistent and using it every day. The more consistent you are and the more hours you use it, the better and faster it will work.

But be careful! I wouldn’t wear the latex ones for more than 8 hours, mainly if you work out in your waist trainer because you want your skin to breathe and your muscles to still have to work. There are breathable waist trainers but I don’t find them really “useful”, they are not tight.

Remember, don’t try to go too tight to fast and be safe about it. If your training corset hurts, you are doing it wrong and that can be really dangerous. And most importantly, if you are under 18 years old and haven’t stopped growing, please wait to try waist training. You don’t want to cause any damage to your growing body and bones.

I love waist training and I am so thankful I purchased my waist trainer to give it a try! I think this is the best way to help you get an hourglass figure and it can help you as part of a weight loss or fitness routine or just for getting the body shape you want.

If you have been curious about the whole waist training process, but hesitant, just give it a try. You have nothing to lose but the inches!

Frequently Asked Questions about Waist Training:

On average, most people wear their waist trainer for 8 hours a day. But before we can answer this question, here are some quick details that we need to clear up, that depend on your goals and waist training experience.

  1. Instant results: One of the main reasons that waist trainers are so popular is the instant result. Just putting it on will flatten your belly and help you instantly drop 2 – 3 dress sizes. Giving you the motivation to stick to your weight loss regime, because you can actually see how fantastic you look with a smaller, slimmer waist.
  2. Your body will need time to adjust to its new shape: Waist training can be slightly uncomfortable in the beginning, as it might feel stiff and constrictive around your waist. But believe me, that stiffness is a good thing. It means that you are wearing the premium compression garment. Most people find it takes them about four weeks for their body to feel accustomed to wearing their trainer twenty-four seven.
  3. Break your waist trainer in: Your body isn’t the only thing that needs to get accustomed to the waist trainer. The trainer needs to be broken in. Just like new shoes, it takes time for them to feel comfortable. Wear your trainer for a few hours each day to allow it to stretch out before wearing it all day.


Highly recommended waist training regime: Waist training is designed to be part of your daily healthy lifestyle. We recommend wearing it for an hour the first day, and each day after that, increase it by half an hour. Feel free to take a break one day a week but no more than that.

Within a few weeks, you will find it comfortable to wear your trainer for 8 to 12 hours each day and after a few months, you will discover that you will need a smaller size trainer.

Waist training is a very effective way of dropping those extra pounds around your waistline. But it isn’t a magical weight loss pill that will melt that ugly fat away. If you are eating more calories than you burn off each day, you will gain weight.

Your weight loss success will depend on following a low-calorie diet and regularly wearing your waist trainer.

The added compression around your waistline will prevent you from overeating, which will aid in weight loss. Plus, it improves blood circulation, which leads to improved metabolism, as the toxins are removed from your body faster. Another bonus is that it increases perspiration, which causes the fat cells to melt away.

Benefits of wearing waist trainer while exercising:

  • Lose inches instantly and more over time
  • Increased thermal activity
  • Stimulates perspiration for burning fat
  • Improves posture and decreases back pain while working out

Yes, you can wear your waist trainer while working out. It will help keep your back straighter, which means less risk of injury while exercising. Plus, it will cause your body’s core to sweat more, which means quicker weight loss and inches lost.

A word of warning! Never ever wear your waist trainer while performing high intensity cardio or exercises that increase your heart rate to a dangerously high level. It is designed to restrict and constrict, which will make breathing more difficult, causing you pass out. If you must wear your waist trainer while doing cardio, make sure it is on the loosest row.

Wearing your trainer while sleeping is an excellent way to incorporate waist training into your busy schedule without disrupting your life. It is recommended to only wear your waist trainer for no more than twelve hours a day, as your abdominal muscles can become lazy from being overworked. So, if you wear it at nighttime, make sure you only wear it a few hours during the day.

In some rare occasions, some people have complained that sleeping with their waist trainer caused acid reflux. To avoid this, make sure you don’t have any snacks two to three hours before going to bed.

Tips for sleeping with a waist trainer:

  • Limit your liquids before bedtime: The trainer will make you feel the need to urinate more frequently, which means waking up more often for bathroom breaks.
  • Let your body breathe: If you plan on wearing your trainer while sleeping, let your body breathe a few hours before going to bed by not wearing the trainer.
  • Find the best trainer for you: Try taking a nap with different trainers to see if it is comfortable enough to sleep in.

We are positive that you are going to love your waist trainer and will wear it every day to get the results you desire. Since you need to wear it every day, you should have at least two waist trainers, so you can properly clean them.

Latex waist trainers should be hand washed in lukewarm water with a small amount of baby shampoo. Rinse well and hang dry. DON”T WRING OUT your waist trainer. That will leave it deformed and useless.

Non-latex waist trainers can be washed in your washing machine on the gentle cycle with cold-water unless otherwise specified in your product’s etiquette. Never dry it in the dryer. Hang dry or lay flat to dry.

Once your garment is dry, never roll it up or stuff in your underwear drawer. Lay it flat in a drawer or hang it from a hanger with clothes pegs or special lingerie hangers.

Avoid allowing your waist trainer to come in direct contact with sunshine, as it can cause the fabric to breakdown faster.

By doing these simple things your waist trainer will have a longer lifespan – helping make your waist trainer last!

Waist training shouldn’t be a painful experience if you order the correct size for your body. Don’t order the size that you wish to be, as the waist trainer is designed to make your body, 2 to 3 dress sizes smaller instantly. So ordering a smaller size would be, basically, placing your body into a torture chamber. That could be painful to even breathe, much less eat or drink.

If your waist trainer is painful, then you ordered the wrong size.

It is common to expect discomfort the first few days while your body gets accustomed to the trainer, but it shouldn’t be painful.

Perfectly Curvy Squeem Vest

Perfectly Curvy Squeem VestI am always looking for a new waist trainer to try out and after reading the Perfectly Curvy Squeem Vest reviews I knew I had to take it for a spin. Claiming that miracles are possible no matter what your size or body shape. I must admit more than 2,000 5-star reviews on Amazon intrigued me.

The Perfectly Curvy Squeem Vest has an open bust design so you can wear it with your favourite bra. Unlike other waist trainers it comes with adjustable straps for added support and control, which I was weary about because straps often dig in and cause the trainer to ride up. The curve-creating cut comes with flexible steel boning.

I was surprised how it emphasized my natural curves, making me look more sensual. My posture improved and it honestly removed inches from my waistline. The straps were wide enough that they didn’t dig in, even while working out, plus it prevented the waist trainer from slipping around or bunching up.

Empetua™ Smooth Waist Cincher

Empetua™ Smooth Waist CincherWhen I ordered the Empetua™ Smooth Waist cincher online, I wasn’t entirely convinced, mostly because it didn’t offer the traditional eye-and-hook closure or Velcro.

As I skimmed though the description, I was feeling skeptical as to how can a ‘step in’ waist cincher give me an hourglass figure without the hassle of hooks? But I liked the feature of light boning and that it can be worn with your own bra and panties.

When it arrived, I slipped it on quickly with a little bit of squeezing. I found the size to be a fit true to the size chart. I did a little dance around the room in my new waist clincher, I was pleasantly surprised that it was staying in place. The steel boning prevents it from bunching up or riding up.

I have a round pear shape that might even look like a potato shape if you look at me from behind. Most waist trainers do absolutely nothing for my waist or, they make me look like a stuffed sausage. But the Empetua™ Smooth Waist clincher gave me a waistline where there was none before.

I loved the 2-layer support for tummy-tucking control, plus the smooth fabric that was completely invisible even under the most body-hugging dress. I decided to test it out at my cross-fit class and fell in love again with it, as it improved my posture while working out and concentrated the sweat around my abdomen. Best everyday waist trainer without a doubt!

Updated:April 5th, 2018


  1. I read in elitedaily about waist training like two years ago but the author was so pathetic… I mean, she make a totally joke about this.
    I do it, and it’s just like you said here. Not only it works to make your waist smaller, but it helps you in so many ways with your confidence, to feel more pretty, to sit down straight, etc.. It’s like an outside-to-inside help.

    • Hello Keli! Thanks for your comment. I loved to read this and your tumblr journal is awesome. Keep working on that small waist!

  2. Hi there Keyrah. I feel as If we had gone through the same path! The difference is that I was skeptical and after trying, I gave up two days later. I went back to a more slack routine and did not wear the waist trainer until days after reading your article. I felt encouraged and began training harder, wearing the waist trainer in the gym and even during work. You were right! I am already three sizes down around the tummy area.
    Thanks for sharing the benefits of wearing a waist trainer!

    • Hello Eloise! Thanks for showing your appreciation. I have achieved a greater shape and bigger buttocks as well since I wrote this post! All my dresses had to be adjusted haha, but this is an insignificant price to pay for an hourglass figure, right? Come back to share results 🙂

  3. I was always hearing my daughter complaining about her figure. She wanted to wear a nice long dress at a school party and could not find a style to look good on her body. She does not have much of a waistline. Do you think this could work?

    • I talked to a lot of people and someone told me about a waist trainer possibility, wearing a device to shape up the body. I did some searching over the net and came across this article.the same question…

  4. I was so happy when I came across this article. I have gone through all the articles I could read and I was looking for more details about the efficiency of waist trainers. I wanted to know whether this was just another one of those celebrities madness to drives us crazy over the buying mood!
    After reading such nice words here, I have decided to get one myself. I sent for one and in no time at all I had delivered to my front door. I recommend it to every woman who wants do get an hourglass body

  5. NO PAIN NO GAIN! that’s how I felt when I got my waist trainer and worn for the first time. It was really painful hahah it was too tight! I did some adjusting and, voila! It fits perfectly!

      • She is free to do whatever she desires. If she want a small waist, this is the way. I have been wearing my waist trainer for about half a year and I am comfortable and slimmer. You get used to the tight cinch. Of course, I go to the gym to remain healthy and fit. Anyway, waist training has nothing to do with the gym…

  6. I just had my second baby and my body was showing the signs of an extended flesh over the entire stomach =:::::( I ordered one. Hope this helps.

  7. so happy to hear your kind words Keyrah. that means I am not alone, i also tried the waist trainer and I was so sore for a while that i believed that this was only a big hype.

      • ??? I recall the suffering on the first day, and how I stayed on for about 5 hours. the next day I was back on the torture chamber again, this time for 8 hours. I must say that, two weeks later I was all right! I had slimmer waistline now. I ended up buying two of them because where I live is very hot, so I wash and wear! any advices on mantaining the resukts??

  8. hello keyrah! who would have thought that such a simple idea could actually make you lose some inches, right? this is not an empty statement I have worn for some month now the same waist trainer depicted here. absofuckinlutely the very SAME! and like the words, I went through the same ritual almost gave up and had a hard time getting used to wear it. however, I stay on my two feet most of the day (at work). so, I could feel straight way that my posture had improved a lot. the first day I went for one hour and on the weekend I decided to give it a break. nowadays I am wearing during the day, at work and at the gym. I don’t sleep on it tho. basically, I am a full time waist trainer. I have a community in tumblr mywaistfitness if you want to join us. I’ll recommend your post for sure.

  9. After my divorce I went through a bitter stage in my life where things did not appear to be normal. My sleep was out of wacky, I had a bad back, my neck was always sore and I couldn’t walk properly. I tried some tablets and other medicines. But, out of a comment from a friend I came across this site. I read the article and thought I could try and see if that could help improve my posture and minimize the impact of a twisted neck on the muscles. I was prepared to try anything and getting a waist trainer seemed to be a good idea at the time! So, it turned out to be the greatest idea of all! I improved my posture, I lessened the strain on my back muscles and even got a bit taller. But, what is the most fascinating of all this is the fact that I managed to lose my huge fat tummy and got a waistline.

  10. I love how you have used a few different waist trainers. I purchased the one that goes around your neck. I love it but it is not long enough. It rolls up around tummy and my back. I’m 5’1 I have a smaller torsal. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you.

    • Not really, you just need to choose the correct size (not smaller!) and use it for a limited amount of hours. You need to be able to sit, move, breath deeply, walk and feeling NO PAIN. Obviously, it’s a constricting garment so it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world but it hasn’t to be painful.

  11. Hi ,

    Ive always wanted to buy a waist trainers but im not quite sure which one to get. My concern is, if I wear this under my clothes, is it gonna show im wearing a waist trainer inside?

    • Hello Bri, changes aren’t 100% permanent. But, when you get the desired waist shape you can be more flexible and just use it 3-4 days a week and take a rest. Also, it takes times to regain your previous shape. There’s a lot of girls that claim they stopped using it and still maintaining the hourglass shape. I’m with the first option (I use it less time now and still enjoying the changes). I hope this helps!

  12. Thanks for sharing your resources. Very helpful information for you. I am facing some problems of my waist. I think i need best waist trainer in uk.

  13. I totally agree, waist training has helped me in so many ways, not jsut waist size but also self confidence, posture, help with my back problems and suppressing my appetite!


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