Say hello to your curves again with shapewear!

Shapewear has been used by women for decades to achieve a smooth, flawless silhouette under almost any outfit. The fashion industry has developed fabrics that are breathable, seamless and even more effective at contouring and enhancing your curves. Shapewear comes in an extensive selection of styles, each one designed to target a specific part of the body by contouring our natural curves.

But since shapewear isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, how can you find styles that work with your curves and not against them? We’ve compiled a shapewear guide to help you find the best body-solution wear for your needs.

How do I find my shapewear size?

Finding the ideal fit is directly related to your measurements (bust, hip, waist, etc.). One golden rule of shapewear is that smaller is not necessarily better. Once you know your exact measurements, you can easily compare them to the size chart of the style and brand you are interested in to determine your correct size.

Does color matter?

Up until recently, shapewear only came in three basic colors: black, nude and white. Nowadays, most shapewear brands are expanding their designs into a wider range of skin tone colors. If you are wearing clothes that are transparent, then you might want to opt for a neutral skin tone. Some styles come with playful prints that work better under darker clothing.

Do I need to wear underwear under my shapewear?

Shapewear is the new-and-improved version of your old-fashioned knickers. The whole point to wearing body-sculpting wear is to create a seamless line under your clothes. Wearing an extra pair of panties is just going to create a bulky look. Shaping panties, thongs and leggings come with a built-in cotton gusset that is just like your underwear.

When should I wear shapewear?

In the past, shapewear was only worn for special occasions because it was known for being unbearably restrictive. But today it is made from breathable, comfortable fabrics that feel more like a second skin than compression wear. Depending on the compression level, most styles are made to provide you with the support you need to be worn comfortably all-day long. Wear shapewear anytime you want to, there are no rules!

What do the different levels of compression mean?

Shapewear comes in different levels of compression or shaping control. Most brands offer styles offering support from light to firm. Light compression will be the most comfortable style of sculpting, the more compression provided the more sculpting power. Many styles combine different levels of compression into one garment to target a specific area without having to compromise comfort.

What are main kinds of shapewear?

It can get confusing when it comes to shapewear, as there are so many styles and brands. There is a style for all of your problem areas such as thighs, buttocks, back bulge, muffin top, tummy, arms, etc. One of the most popular styles is the high-waisted boy short as it gives an instant tummy tuck, smooths out your thighs and hips and at the same time, gives your rear a lift. Another must have, is a shaping camisole that is the ideal layering top that smooths all your worries away. Some other popular styles are control tights, corsets, bodysuits, slips and panties, just to name a few.


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