There is a social movement happening now, that encourages the thought that all women are beautiful and their bodies are not to be shamed. So, the hope is for all of us to feel beautiful and confident in our swimsuits. Thus, the term– body positivity.

So, what are the best swimwear brands that will make you feel beautiful and confident?

Trying to get through the confusing maze of advertised ladies’ swimwear
is daunting and discouraging. This article will list the best swimwear brands that do encourage body positivity.

There are many decisions to make– do you prefer a one piece, two-piece swimsuits, a tankini or a bikini? What style do you like? Do you swim or just strut your stuff? Do you prefer modesty or the freedom of a string bikini or the high waisted bikini?

Some of us women have a little tummy bulge, so what is the best tummy control swimsuit? Another issue is that ‘our girls’ sometimes need extra support. And, finally, what about using shapewear in a swimsuit? Finally, think of making sure that the suit is properly lined and has built in cups. All good questions and advice to help in deciding which swimsuit will help you feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in your swimsuit.

Best Rated Swimwear Brands for you this Summer

So, here are the winners for this list of the 5 best swimwear brands that promote inclusion and body positivity. These swimwear brands all truly encourage body positivity. They want all women, no matter size or shape, to feel beautiful and confident.

Aerie’s swimsuits are cute and affordable and come in a variety of sizes. Their swimwear is loved by all women. One of their commitments is to not retouch any of their models and thus promote body positivity. They encourage young women to love their bodies and the brand does cater to many different body types from sizes small to plus sizes.

Helen Jon makes swimsuits for all women, in all shapes and sizes. Their swimwear is known for fitting exceptionally well and offering great support and coverage. Also, they are recommended because they actually design their cute suits for their employees, instead of the perfect models which other companies use. So, good news for all of us!

Eloquii doesn’t expect everyone to be a size zero. The inclusive sizes ensure that every one can look their best in their swimsuit. The sizes start at 14 and go to size 28. Their body positive brand design guarantees that their swimsuits help to make women feel absolutely fabulous.

Shapermint has opened up the world of confidence to women who love shapewear and now can enjoy feeling great in their body shaping swimsuit. They have created nine new styles to choose from. Very flattering and guaranteed to give you that extra confidence. Great news! They are designed specifically to give you 360’ body support to help keep everything in its place.

Finally, swimsuit brand that has combined shapewear into a stylish shapewear swimsuit or bikini that gives you the confidence you need to strut your stuff and stop hiding behind your towel.

Swimsuits For All is the inclusive brand launched by Ashley Graham, a model known for shaking up the industry of women’s bathing suits and body image. She believes that “beauty is beyond age, race or size…at every stage of your life, you can feel beautiful”.

Sizes range from sizes 4-34 and bra cups are available in sizes up to D/DD-G/H.

Different body types and all sizes can feel empowered and ready to face the swimsuit season. This brand designs their product based on style, value, quality and fit. Ladies’ swimwear that is guaranteed for everybody and every budget.

Finally, there are many other swimwear brands that promote body positivity. For example, Chromat, Nakimuli and Alyned Together all offer sizes up to 3X and are designed for strong women with all body types. House of Swim offers more conservative option in sizes 16-26. Alpine Butterfly brand offers teeny-weeny bikinis up to size 5XL.

There is hope for all of us and now there are many choices. No need to dread the swimsuit season. Get out there and enjoy and feel beautiful, comfortable and confident!


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