Do you remember how much you loved playing with your mom’s makeup when you were a kid? Then when you were a teenager you were fearless with trying new beauty techniques and hairstyles. But sadly, as we got older we stopped playing with new styles. But it is time to let your personality shine through by getting a complete makeover.

Honestly, none of us really need an excuse to play with our hair or makeup, but there are 5 red lights that indicate that our daily beauty routine is in dire need of an upgrade. Such as our hairstyle hasn’t changed since high school or even worse the late 90’s. If that is so, then you need to upgrade your look today and here is why!

#1 You’re stuck into a beauty rut

If this is your case then its time for you to broaden those beauty horizons and step away from that same old foundation, blush or bronzer that you have been using for the last few years. The chances are there are more flattering tones and shades out there for you now.

If you are still unsure where to begin, ask a friend who has some crazy mad makeup skills and let them go to town with your face. Maybe you might not be too keen on a dark smoky eye but maybe a new lip color or blush can spruce up your entire look.

#2 You need to unwind

Pampering yourself actually reduces stress, plus shopping for new beauty supplies is just what the doctor ordered – instant stress relief. Nothing screams relaxation more than getting a mani-pedi at your favorite spa. Nothing will take your mind off work faster than getting all dolled up for a night out with the girls.

#3 You are afraid of change

Are you still rocking the “Rachel hairstyle” from the 90’s? Changing your current style can jumpstart your life, by making others around you wake up and take notice of you. Plus, it will give you an instant confidence boost to help you get that promotion, new job, new partner, etc.

#4 Give yourself a break

You only look as good as the products you are using. Even your skin gets bored of the same moisturizer, foundation and makeup. Sometimes it just need a little pick me up to bring back that radiant skin.

Plus, all of our beauty products have a shelf life so if you find that they are crumbling more than they should or clumping up into a big mess or your skin just doesn’t seem to want absorb it. Then it is probably time for you to update your beauty products by going on a little shopping spree.

#5 Well, do you really need a reason to get a makeover?

Honestly, who needs a reason to feel good about themselves? You deserve to go have a little fun, try something new and feel better about yourself. If you want to share the happiness, invite over some close friends, even your mom and sisters and let everyone be daring and try on some new beauty looks. Of course, don’t forget to pick up some wine and pizza. And remember, you are never too old to play with makeup.


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