Forget about the morning sorrows, days of sad hair and sullen faces. With our 5 tips, you will wake up beautiful at sunrise!

1 * Sleep your own number of hours and go to bed before midnight

If you want to look beautiful in the morning, you have to start by getting to bed not too late. A sleep before midnight is felt immediately on a face. So at eleven o’clock, say goodbye to everyone and jump in bed before midnight!

It is therefore important to sleep for a sufficient number of hours for yourself. When you wake up with a groomy face, you keep it all day, so think about it! The morning is the time when we are supposed to be at our best (and our best face), so it’s better to sleep sufficiently.

2 * Remove makeup, whatever happens!

There are some tips and tricks for change a groomy face complexion to peach skin… Amongst all the good reflexes, it’s better to have this one. Even if you are lazy, even if you fall tired: do not forget to remove makeup! Every night, skin, eyes, even when you’re not wearing makeup. So apply on your face milk, lotion or micellar water eventually.

3 * A cream or lotion for the night

Before going to sleep in the arms of Morpheus, apply on your face (for all the types of skins) a nourishing care, a vegetable butter or a vegetable oil to nourish the skin in depth.

Sleep is the moment when the skin is reformed. It works all day but even more at night. This is a good way to get up with plump and elastic skin.

If you fear the effect too nourishing, apply a cream adapted to its type of skin for the night. Rather fluid when you have oily skin, or more creamy if you have dry skin. If rinsing with water, apply a tonic or floral lotion to remove limescale. And do not forget: you are working today for the skin that you will have in ten years.

4 * Taking care of your hair for the night can be helpful

To have well-placed hair on waking, as the hair fiber dries on contact with the pillows, the best is to tie them. Some protective hairstyles will prevent friction, such as the braid or the twisted bun. If you prefer not to tie it, sleep on pillows of silk or satin (less expensive than silk). The hair is less damaged on slippery tissues.

You can also use Sleep Styler. Take a shower or a bath and wash your hair. Once the hair is well wrung out, divide it into locks and then wrap it around the microfiber hair curlers. Pay attention that your hair does not overlap, otherwise it will not dry. Wrap the strap over to hold the hair and scratch it on the bottom of the curler. The more curlers you use, the faster your hair will dry. You can go to sleep while keeping your curlers, since they are very comfortable and will not interfere absolutely.

When you wake up, carefully remove the hair curlers. Here you are, ready in minutes! You do not have to sleep with the Sleep Styler because your hair will dry in about 2 hours when you wear the curlers. So you can go about your business and remove it once your hair is dry before going to bed.

5 * Detox or vitamin cocktails for a very fresh wake up

For a brighter skin, nothing like a big glass of lemon water when you jump from bed. So mix a lemon bottom and a little water temperature. It’s fresh and it looks good. To change, and to fill up with vitamins, you can also opt for a fresh fruit juice or a smoothie. Why not do detox treatments from time to time?

Dietary supplements for the beauty of the skin and hair are not lacking. However, it is better to opt for a product that you can find in a serious shop.


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