They are everywhere. All over the internet and social media. Celebrities and even girls at the gym are wearing them. Yes, I’m talking about waist trainers! It’s been a big hype the last few years and I have been very hesitant to give the waist cincher a try.

Some journalists made it seemed dangerous and like it just wouldn’t actually work. But after seeing so many waist trainer before and after pictures, I finally tried one out.

I’m here to share with you how using the best waist trainer helped me have the hourglass figure I always dreamed of.

Before going further, I want to share with you my before and after pic:

before and after waist training

I weigh 128 lbs and my height is 5’4’’. Before waist training, I had 28 inches and after 14 days I got 26! If your waist is between 26 and 30 like mine, an S size will fit you best if you get the same waist trainer I used.

What Is The Best Waist Trainer To Buy?

Here you have the best three options that I found in my research:

Cheapest but OK

 The one I used

HQ – The best but a bit expensive
$19.99 ($29.99)
$29.99 ($55.61)
$49.99 ($64.99)

I bought different waist trainers and these three are the best. I found that there are VERY expensive ones on the market but they aren’t worth it. They are all the same but with different packages.

I have these three training girdles: one for special occasions, one for the waist training and one for everyday use.

The latex one I use for working out is a bit shorter and not as tight (my favorite!). It’s more comfortable and I have a better range of movement in it.

The HQ one is serious business and it has shoulder straps. It’s longer and tighter and I found it more efficient than the other two. But, I can’t use it always.

For everyday use, I have the breathable one, because I like the feeling of wearing it but I think it doesn’t really help to “train” your waist it just makes your figure smooth.

What Is Waist Training And Does It Work?

waist trainerWaist training is the process of gradually decreasing your waist size by wearing a  trainer for a few hours a day and gradually increasing the tightness of waist trainer cincher along with the length of time worn.

Many Waist trainers, or training girdles, are usually made of latex (there are other options if you are allergic to latex) with plastic boning and have clips or lacing to adjust the tightness of it. Some people choose to wear old-fashioned corsets with steel boning, but those can be a lot more expensive. They are, however, a great fashion choice!

Why I Started Waist Training?

I really, really wanted to have an hourglass body shape and – even though I was hesitant – waist training seemed like the only way, short of surgery, to achieve it.

After a lot of online research, reading in-depth waist trainer reviews and some encouragement from a couple of friends who waist train, I decided to give the waist trainer vest (third choice) a try to start my small “waste” journey.

First Couple Weeks Training My Waist

waist trainer

There’s tons of info online to find the best waist trainer. There are great options whether you are looking for a latex waist trainer, a waist training corset made without latex (especially great if you have a latex allergy and for summer), or a breathable waist trainer.

In my first week, the best thing I could notice is that when you wear it, you have to always sit up straight. Your breasts are lifted and totally out there, which may be out of your comfort zone, but boy do you look good! So you may have to get used to it at the beginning but the result is like an instant body sculpting.

I started off wearing it in the first row of clips and I couldn’t go for more than half an hour. But after two weeks, I was able to bring it down to the third row of clips. It’s amazing how fast it works.

Waist Training Routine: How I Lost 2 Inches In 14 Days?

  1. I put on my latex waist trainer first thing in the morning when I wake up and drink a glass of water to avoid dehydration.
  2. I go to the gym and work out for 45’ in the mornings three times a week (I was doing it before started waist training)
  3. After showering and change I put on a breathable corset trainer that I can wear under my clothes and no one even notices it when I’m work. I keep it on for 6 hours every single day.
  4. I come back home and I use the vest waist trainer (the larger one) for about two hours while doing chores or watching tv.
  5. I don’t sleep with any waist trainer.

With this routine, I have already lost 2 inches off of my waist in the past 2 weeks without adding extra exercise and without changing my diet.


Do Waist Trainers Work?

Is the hype worth it? Totally! Great waist training results are real, as long as you are consistent and using it every day. The more consistent you are and the more hours you use it, the better and faster it will work.

But be careful! I wouldn’t wear the latex ones for more than 8 hours, mainly if you work out in your waist trainer because you want your skin to breathe and your muscles to still have to work. I use the breathable one because it’s only a shaping thing, it’s not that tight.

Remember, don’t try to go too tight to fast and be safe about it. If your training corset hurts, you are doing it wrong and that can be really dangerous. And most importantly, if you are under 18 years old and haven’t stopped growing, please wait to try waist training. You don’t want to cause any damage to your growing body and bones.

I love waist training and I am so thankful I purchased my waist trainer to give it a try! I think this is the best way to help you get an hourglass figure and it can help you as part of a weight loss or fitness routine or just for getting the body shape you want.

If you have been curious about the whole waist training process, but hesitant, just give it a try. You have nothing to lose but the inches!

waist trainer opinion

Waist Trainer


  1. I read in elitedaily about waist training like two years ago but the author was so pathetic… I mean, she make a totally joke about this.
    I do it, and it’s just like you said here. Not only it works to make your waist smaller, but it helps you in so many ways with your confidence, to feel more pretty, to sit down straight, etc.. It’s like an outside-to-inside help.

  2. Hi there Keyrah. I feel as If we had gone through the same path! The difference is that I was skeptical and after trying, I gave up two days later. I went back to a more slack routine and did not wear the waist trainer until days after reading your article. I felt encouraged and began training harder, wearing the waist trainer in the gym and even during work. You were right! I am already three sizes down around the tummy area.
    Thanks for sharing the benefits of wearing a waist trainer!


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