A party is looming? You already have the dress but you hesitate for the hairstyle? No problem! We give you all the tips to find the festive hairstyle you need, and shine all evening!

The hairstyle is a tedious step in our preparation for a party … Amongst bun, simple or worked ponytail, and hair naturally detached … Many possibilities are available to you, but the choice is not always obvious. First, because you can’t have any hairstyle you want for a party whether you have a round face or an oval face. And also, because a hairstyle must go perfectly with the style of the outfit. Here is an Overview of party hairstyles adapted to your style!

1* Hairdressing for a party with long or medium hair

Having long hair allows lots of hairstyles. However, the dilemma of this headdress for a party always arises! Adapt your hairstyle to your outfit, if you have a strict or formal outfit, you can break the rigid side by leaving your hair loose and if they are wavy, highlighting the loops to give volume.

Or, bet on a total chic look and style them in a bun, trendy. If you have a more casual outfit, bet on a fairly simple and unadorned hairstyle.

2* Hairdressing for a party with short hair

With little material, you have fewer options for party hairstyles. However, hair styling for a party, with short hair, is not impossible since you are betting on the natural! A little gel or mousse on the ends of the hair very short, will give structure to the cut and give it an “evening” effect. But you can also do an impeccable brushing hair a little longer and thus give a more dressy effect to the hairstyle.

3* Party hairstyle with curly hair

Do you have curly hair? Maintain your curls! Why not leave them free with worked loops for a sophisticated effect? Or, tie them in a bun with some naturally curly locks on the front that will give a very glamorous side to the hairstyle. Otherwide, the Sleep Styler as the first product that can dry and straighten or curl your hair without heat, while you sleep, could be a good asset to preserve your curlies or give you curly hairs.  For less than the cost of one blowout you can wake up to healthy and styled hair day after day with the Sleep Styler. The best part is the more you use it the healthier and shinier your hair will be.  

4* Hairdressing for a party with straight hair

Opt for a sophisticated ponytail. Pull the hair well back and tie the ponytail with an elastic that you will cover with a lock of hair. Little trick: for those who have a straightener, smooth the ponytail once finished, for a very chic effect. And for those who have a curling iron, take a few locks of the ponytail to give you movement, for a glamorous effect!

5* Party hairstyle: The traditional Bun

The bun is almost faultless! A real pass with which you will be unanimous. It goes with any outfits and for any circumstances. In addition, the bun is very popular this year, so it is impossible for you to go for a “has been”! You can also decorate your bun with several elements, such as pearls, feathers (for exotic evening!) or other. Play with your bun according to the theme of your party. For a romantic effect, leave some strands wavy on the side, they will come naturally on the front of the face, for a very romantic effect.


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