We went to this year’s Oscar’s and after parties to check out this year’s most gorgeous beauty trends that will inspire you to up-your style this year. The Oscar’s is basically the Super Bowl of all of the red carpets. This year, our favorite celebrities showed us a more chic side of glamour.

They showed us how to take some of the best Hollywood classics such as simple red lips and cat-eyes to a whole new level, plus creative new takes on hair-dos and dye jobs.


An Audrey Hepburn Up-Do

Lady Gaga looked fantastic with her sliver locks swept up into an uplifting up-do that held the essence of Audrey Hepburn in the iconic movie – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Lady Gaga hairstyle

A classic blunt bob

The classic bob dominated the red carpet this year. And the stunning Charlize Theron showed how to pull off one of the most popular hairstyles for 2019. The bob is an extremely versatile fashion accessory to experiment with new hair colors.

Charlize Theron

Bouncy blowout

Kendall Jenner showed us that the classic blowout is still stylish, especially when given a little extra bounce and a tiny hair flip. Bring back the 80’s now!

Kendall Jenner


Au natural

Quite a few celebrities were embracing their natural hair color and we loved it. Miley Cyrus, who is known for her dramatic hair colors, went au natural by showing us her golden locks and we were totally obsessed with it.

Miley Cyrus


If we could label which hair color dominated the red carpet last night, we’d have to say brunette. Raven Lyn stole the center stage with her bouncy, brunette curls.

Raven Lyn

Auburn slash copper shades

Sofia Vegara stole our hearts with her copper-auburn hair do. We don’t know about you, but we have already made an appointment at our stylist to get this look.

Sofia Vergara



Lucy Boynton’s eyelashes gave us a whole new take on flirty eyelashes. Actually, her entire makeup deserves a closer look, as every little detail elevates her features, giving an almost surreal look.

Lucy Boynton

Pink lipstick

Red lipstick has dominated the red carpet for the last few years, but this year more attention was given a more natural look. Laura Harrier looked like a modern-day Cinderella with her coral toned lipstick.

Laura Harrier

Blush a little

Emilia Clarke looked phenomenal with her new brunette hair color, but what made her catch everyone’s eye were her rosy cheeks. We can’t wait to copy her ultra feminine style this year.

Emilia Clarke


The smoky eye

Octavia Spencer might not have been nominated for best actress at the Oscar’s this year, but she won all the awards for best makeup. Her soft-charcoaled smoky eyes highlighted her dazzling features and beautiful smile.

Octavia Spencer

A frosted eye

The country signer, Kacey Musgaves looked as if she stepped out of a fairy tale with her pink tulle gown and her white frosted eyes.

Kacey Musgaves

The cat eye

The overall style this year at the Oscar’s was vintage chic and Taylor Hill gave was that old Hollywood vibe with dramatic metallic cat eye look. This was actually one of the best looks of the entire evening.

Taylor Hill


Bold brows

Amanda Stenberg looked amazing with her intricate braids styled into a vintage up-do, but what stole the show were her impressive bold brows. Hopefully the days of skinny pencil brows are finally gone.

Amanda Stenberg

Feather brows

Power brows are taking a whole artisanal brow to the next level. Jennifer Lopez showed how to style this year’s biggest beauty trend – the feathered brow. The question is: are you ready to update your entire look for thicker bolder brows this year?

Jennifer Lopez 2019 look


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