It’s a fact that tattoos are much more accepted in society than years ago. Even in many jobs, in which having tattoos was a reason for exclusion, nowadays they are allowed without any complain.

Even so, this does not always happen and maybe there are some situations in which you may need to cover up tattoos them in a non-permanent way. And the best way to do this, is with a tattoo cover up makeup.

In this article I’ll show you some tattoo cover up ideas that may be helpful for those moments in which you need your tattoos to disappear.

Tattoo Cover Up With Conventional Makeup: The Cheapest Option

You can try to cover up your tattoo with these 5 steps, without using a tattoo concealer, but regular makeup. It’s not the best option, but it may work for not much bigger or dark tattoos.

Anyway, I recommend that if you need to cover up your tattoos for an important event or a job interview, you better do some tests before, mainly to get a better color match for the tone of your skin.

  1. Clean your skin – This is very important to get the best results. Prepare the tattooed skin by washing it first.
  2. Cover your tattoo with a light corrector – Take a heavy coverage liquid foundation or a cream concealer that be lighter than your skin tone, and with a stippling brush or a makeup sponge, apply on the tattoo by blurring it. Then, let it a dry a few minutes. Don’t worry if the tattoo is not totally covered yet.
  3. Apply makeup base – Pick a base that matches witch your skin tone. It may be liquid, cream or spray. Spray ones are the easiest to use and provide the most uniform coverage. Spray in jets, holding the can between 6 to 8 in. from the tattoo. Do it until you cover all the tattoo, then let it settle for a minute. If you use a liquid or cream makeup base, apply it in the same way you did with the concealer. Then, mix the edges with your fingers.
  4. Apply translucent powder – Apply it with a big brush. This will provide a matte finish.
  5. Apply hairspray – This is the final step for this tattoo cover up makeup. Apply some hairspray to prevent the makeup from being easily erased. Let it dry before touching or covering it.

Tattoo Makeup: The Best Way To Cover Up Tattoos

Nothing better to cover up tattoos…than a tattoo concealer. These products are expensive, but they are the most effective. They provide high coverage, and match almost every skin tone due to their great variety of colors. I’ll show here the ones that I’ve tried and better worked for me.

Tatjacket Concealer

tattoo cover up
This tattoo makeup is the first one that I tried. It provided a good coverage of the tattoos. Its consistence on the skin is very sticky, that makes it hard to rub out. The bad thing about it is that I had to apply a lot of layers to get a good coverage of my tats, that made my makeup seemed cakey after a couple hours. I think it’s fine for its price, but is the one I less liked.

Tattoo Camo

This makeup also provided a great coverage, it covered my tattoos completely. The big cons about it are that it rubs out very easily. It was a matter, first because I had to use a lot of it to cover all, and plus, after an hour of using, it started smudging everything. This was very umcomfortable!

Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer

tattoo concealer
This tattoo makeup was one of the best choices. It provided high coverage of tattoos. Its creamy and long-lasting formula didn’t got cakey, even after several hours of using it. It wasn’t very thick at all, and blended easilly too.

Dermacol Foundation

cover up tattoos
Altough this is not specifically a tattoo cover up makeup foundation, I decided to give it a try because it was promoted as a high coverage foundation that would conceal acne, tattoos, and even vitiligo. It really provided great coverage for tattoos, I have to say. Its waterproof, but doesn’t rubs out easilly at all. Plus, it doesn’t get cakey and its no needed to use a lot of it to get good coverage.


Well, you don’t need to worry about that job interview anymore. With these tips and products that will help you get a great tattoo cover up makeup, nobody will notice those tats!


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