It’s sometimes hard to know what to do to get perfect skin. This article will introduce you to some easy steps to follow as well as some products to use. These recommendations will help you establish a skin cleansing routine to maintain your complexion.

The key elements of a good-looking routine!

The makeup remover, a prerequisite

This is definitely the first step. Whether you make up or not, by the way! Even if the only thing that you put on your face is a moisturizer, it is always interesting to remove the dust and the impurities that could stick to your skin during the day. It’s up to you to see if you prefer a milk, a mousse, an oil … all the textures are welcome as long as you start there.

Clear the signs of tiredness, with cleanser

After taking the time to clean your skin, erase signs of fatigue (dark circles, puffiness, dullness …) by spraying thermal water on your face or by using a tonic lotion. In addition to bringing a sensation of immediate freshness, this gesture wakes up the skin gently and prepares it to receive all the soothing and moisturizing properties of a day cream.

The lotion, to purify the face

The lotion will remove the limescale that may be on your pretty face, and will also prepare your skin to receive the care that will follow. This is a gesture that you may find useless but if you have a particular skin problem, as well as your cleanser, a suitable lotion will help turn your routine into a virtuous circle for a more beautiful skin.

Moisturize your skin

For a beautiful skin on awakening, hydration is essential. Selected according to the needs of its skin, the day cream firstly moisturizes it and thus prevents its premature aging by providing the dose of water it needs on a daily basis. In a second time, this care protects it from external aggressions like pollution for example which puts it every day to a severe test.

SPF 20 cream to protect your skin

The day cream: indispensable. But still choose a moisturizer with SPF integrated to protect the skin of UVA, these rays responsible for two-thirds of pigment spots and premature skin aging. Little more? Formulas loaded with soft-focus pigments that reflect light and give skin radiance.

A night care to regenerate

It is especially during the night that the skin repairs itself. Hence the importance of properly clean and moisturize well before sleep. The SOS asset? Viniferine, an anti-stain from the vine that blurs stains and guarantees a transparent complexion. The night cream is there to seal the moisture, keeping all the previous layers in place. Its usefulness is therefore paramount!

Once again, it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best in terms of textures and assets.

The black mask peel off to eliminate dead skin!

Once or twice a week, depending on the type of skin, a black mask peel off is left for an instant glow. It is used regularly or punctually before a party or an important event.

The black mask is an advanced, innovative product that contains charcoal as the main ingredient which gives it a deep black color. Its application opens the pores and eliminates whiteheads without squeezing and damaging the skin.

In addition, it takes care of oily skin, improves the complexion and controls the amount of fat. When drying, the mask forms a film and surrounds the clogged pores, extracts excess fat and accumulated impurities and then tightens the pores.

In addition to blackheads removal, the black mask effectively dries pimples, treats acne, including teenage rashes, it reduces swelling and clears pores. Provided it is used regularly, at least once a week, this mask fits very well into your beauty routine, and gives the skin a shine and soft texture.


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