Jade roller is not a recent breakthrough in facial care, but has been a staple in Chinese skincare since the seventh century and have proven healing and protective properties. These handheld facial massagers are dual-ended with two jade stones that boost blood circulation, reduce puffiness and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Jade rolling rolls away signs of aging and fatigue

Jade rolling helps to reduce puffiness and inflammation that is caused by lymphatic stagnation by simulating the lymphatic system on the face and neck. Some of the benefits include a clearer and brighter complexion, tightened pores, reducing fine lines and increased blood circulation. 

How to use your roller effectively:

  1. Place your roller in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes before you plan on using it for a cooling effect.
  2. Plan to use it after your shower or cleansing your face as the pores, will be open.
  3. Apply your facial serum to your face, using lotion or serum of choice.
  4. Start in the middle of your face under the eyes, moving upwards always towards the cheekbones and towards the hairline. Then, move towards the jaw line, moving always with upwards movements from the center of the chin to the ears. Finally roll downwards on the neck area, to push the buildup of toxins out.
  5. Use the smaller head for under your eyes and eyebrows.
  6. Wipe your roller clean before storing for the following day.

Best jade rollers that really work

1GingerChi Roller Anti Aging Roller Therapy

Made from top quality Xuiyan jade and comes with a handy instruction booklet. Made with jade that is known for its natural cooling properties and revitalizing chi energy that stimulates meridian points by improving chi circulation. Helps to reduce wrinkles, replenish facial muscles and improving overall complexion. Helps with tension headaches by helping to release stress that is built up around the face and neck.


2Matykos Anti Aging Jade Roller

Made from the highest quality Xiuyan Jade, each one their stones are hand-polished to roll perfectly on your face. Daily using this ancient beauty tradition will not only improve your blood circulation but reduces fine lines, puffiness, stress and toxins. Comes with a soft velvet bag for storage.


3Jade Roller with Ball Roller by Wonash


Say goodbye to stress and tension as you roll this roller over your face. The natural jade leaves your face rejuvenated by increasing your blood flow and reducing fine lines. Designed target all the areas of your face for maximum benefits. 

Wonash in Amazon

4GooMart 2 Pack Jade Facial Massage Roller

The two-headed roller comes with a textured roller that provides extra lymphatic stimulation. Made from pure jade and the convenient two-pack will make giving yourself a professional facial massage twice as easy.   

The Chinese might not have discovered the elixir for immorality but their jade roller is must-have beauty tool for extra-healing, reducing inflammation and rejuvenation. Designed to increase circulation, drain congested lymph nodes and stimulate collagen production.



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