There are numerous methods and treatments for achieving vital and rejuvenated appearance. One of the most sought after is the peeling that has good results in the elimination of defects and signs of the passage of time.

However, it is a procedure that requires previous and posterior care of the skin, and it also causes some discomfort, before the desired results can be observed. In addition, although its cost is average, compared to other methods, it is expensive for many pockets.peeling

Before you do a peeling, it is vital that you know everything you can around this, in order to evaluate if it is really the method that is best for you.  That is why I have made the following review.

What is peeling?

It is a treatment by which various skin defects are erased and minimized. Acting in more depth than an exfoliant, this process seeks to lift the outermost layer of the skin, to remove impurities and to correct imperfections and irregularities of the epidermis such as spots and wrinkles.

For that, a series of special acids are used for this treatment, whose intensities vary according to the desired result. The various levels sought are as follows:

  • Lightweight: they seek only to diminish slight wrinkles and reduce accentuated signs of expression. Alpha hydroxide is used in this case.
  • Medium: seeks to eliminate blemishes and discolorations of the epidermis through trichloroacetic acid.
  • Deep: it is the one that works with great depth that removes scars, stains and smoothes the skin. In this case, phenol is used.

Consultation with professional

Peeling is not a procedure that is performed immediately. Before doing this, a couple of consultations with a professional will take place. This is necessary to analyze the defects to be eliminated and to establish conscientiously the results that are desired to obtain.

It is important to go with a renowned and experienced specialist who attends a reputable cosmetic clinic. Such procedure can be done by a duly authorized surgeon or esthetician. Preferably, choose who is known in the medium and who provides the best references.

Pre-peeling care

Before performing this procedure, the esthetician will recommend applying previously on the skin special creams that contain retinoic acid. This is applied about 72 hours before its realization.

The peeling

This procedure itself it is not complicated. The patient can return home within the same day, and does not require more than an hour in the aesthetic center.

The specialist first performs a thorough cleaning of the skin, by which it degreases and removes all kinds of imperfections. Then apply the acid that corresponds to the type of peeling you want to perform and let it act for a while.

This causes the patient to feel mild heat, redness and burning. This is just the product doing its job.

Then the esthetician places a neutralizing cream that will eliminate this sensation, and finally finish the work with a moisturizer.


The same day the patient returns home. While your condition is not compromised in any way, it is often recommended that you be accompanied by another person who helps you not expose yourself to any too strong light source.

In the next few days the skin will be peeling, as it is what causes the surface layer to fall and the new layer to appear. It is not possible to sunbathe until the process is complete. You should also rest and apply a special moisturizer recommended by the esthetician. This wait may be accompanied by some discomfort. For some people they are mild, but for others not so much. That is why they take painkillers and try not to stress.

Who can get a peeling?

cremas peeling

This treatment is not only for the elderly. It has also been tried from twenty something years old, who suffer from deep acne and have left scars and marks that are too sharp.

While it is an antiaging treatment, it is used to eliminate various types of defects. These also include patches on the skin that are becoming more common due to the increased incidence of UV rays. These are also signs of the passage of time.

Natural Options for Skin Care

While this method is one of the most known for the treatment of the skin, we cannot leave aside that you have discomfort and care that you have to be aware of before performing them. In fact for many women the discomfort during the process of desquamation after the procedure ended discouraging them to repeat it.

Therefore, in order not to have to carry out a procedure as forceful as this, the current aesthetic has turned to the development of products that prevent the need to expose the skin to these changes.

The care of facial features, through specialized cosmetics is a new frontier to eliminate imperfections and have a natural and genuine appearance rejuvenated. The best results are BellaVei Skin Care.

BellaVei Skin Care and BellaVei Youth Renew Phytoceramides

The advancement of science and technology has given rise to cosmetics that can rejuvenate the skin using pure ingredients that revitalize it. BellaVei is an advanced line that applies this concept in all its products.

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