In the morning, our beauty is always timed. Not easy to take care of yourself when you are in a hurry. There are, however, some simple and very quick gestures that save time. Just be organized and get up early enough to have the time to do the necessary!

Body, face and hair, adopt the good habits and habits to finally stop having to run and enjoy your mornings to perfect your beauty, without stress. Here are all our tips, gathered in 3 simple steps, for all those who still have trouble getting ready in the morning.

Morning routine for the body

First gesture almost systematic: we stretch long in our bed once our alarm clock rang. A good shower also helps to wake up even more quickly. And after? Just like your face, remember to moisturize your body with moisturizing milk, especially if you have shaved your legs, to avoid drying out during the day.

Finally, Apply your moisturizing milk on your skin still slightly wet to penetrate the care even faster! Do not forget to carry out delicate massages to oxygenate the skin and allow a smoother appearance every day.

Morning routine for the face

To start, clean your face thoroughly with a gentle cleansing gel, suitable for your skin type. Always favor cold water so as not to damage the epidermis. Do not abuse scrubs or exfoliations and practice them only once or twice a week (why not on weekends?). Then remember to spend a tonic lotion to tighten the pores and rid the skin of limescale that could stay on your little face. A fog shot would be ideal to complete the cleansing of your skin.

Then moisturize your face. For maximum hydration, do not forget the serum. After applying your day cream, to maintain the smoothing effect throughout the day, the ideal is to use a primer or a face base. This is the first step in complexion makeup, for an anti-aging action: instantly fill in wrinkles and fine lines and unify the skin texture. A little blow of Blush on the cheekbones and you have a radiant look!

Little tip? Remember to put a base to hold your makeup. The infallible base in gel or spray will be ideal to fulfill this protective role.

Morning routine for hair

It’s finally time to tame your long mane. After carefully brushing it, heat a moisturizing milk or a dry oil to nourish your hair. Mix your tips well to imbue the texture in your hair. Do your usual brushing and keep your head down for even more volume.

Do not forget to make regular masks to keep beautiful hair, healthy. Oils or creams applied daily will also help you to keep a beautiful and long hair.

An additional tip? Why not make a wet hair hairstyle in the evening to discover once awake a perfectly curly hair and in addition without having recourse to the heat which is likely to damage your hair. At choice, you can opt for tight braids for a mat with fine curls or a blurry braid for a bohemian mat.

Sleep Stylers could be very helpful to your hair routine. It is Heat-Free Rollers made with super absorbent memory-foam core that wicks moisture out of your hair while remaining dry to the touch. It allows you to dry and style your hair while you sleep! You Just need to wash, let your hair air dry 80%, wrap hair in curlers, enjoy a good night sleep and wake up with beautiful beach waves.  Available in LARGE (8 – 6” rollers) and MINI (12 – 3” rollers) for different hair types. Simply set, sleep and go! It saves you time during your morning routine and allows you to style your hair without damaging it!

Feel free to discover all the  hairstyles possibilities to be tested!


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