Arguably, lavender oil is the most popular and used essential oil in the world. It’s antioxidant, antimicrobial, calming and mood boosting properties were discovered over 2,500 years ago by the Egyptians.

The Egyptians used lander oil for mummification, a fact which was proven with the opening of King Tut’s tomb in the 20s.

Lavender is extremely versatile, yet gentle, which is what has made it such a popular oil throughout history. Lavender has been used to fight digestive diseases, for bathing, for anointing and healing and so much more.  

There are many different uses for lavender oil, including for:

Antioxidants for protection

Antioxidants are our frontline of protection against free radicals, which are pollutants, chemicals and toxins that contribute to disease and damage to the body.

Many studies have shown that lavender essential oil contains antioxidants that prevent and reverse oxidative stress and disease, without adverse side effects or drug interactions.

Support of Brain Function

Lavender oil has the ability to treat depression and boost your mood, but it has also been shown through research to treat Alzheimer’s disease by preventing oxidative stress on the brain and improving impairment of cognitive abilities.

Lavender has been also shown to treat dysfunctions such as stroke and to support the nervous system.

In order to gain all of these benefits, you can simply inhale some of the essential oil straight from the bottle or diffuse it throughout your home.

Healing of skin irritations

Lavender oil is great for healing and soothing skin ailments such as ringworm, burns, bruises, bug bites, rashes, dryness and more. It can also be used to soothe and hair minor cuts.

Acne Treatment

The antiseptic properties of lavender are just what is needed for treating acne by fighting oil and bacteria. You can dilute it with water in order to treat sensitive skin with a clean cotton ball.

For a relaxing massage

The smell of lavender is already relaxing, and the feeling is improved when lavender is used in a massage. It will relieve muscles, bruises, and stress all at the same time.

Preparing to sleep

Whether for a baby or an adult, lavender can be extremely relaxing. When lavender is added to a bedtime routine, it can help little ones fall asleep and it can help a parent relax. Rub it in to the souls of feet, diffuse it in your bedroom at night, or add it to a relaxing bath.

Insect repellants

If you are trying to minimize your use of toxins and harmful chemicals, insect repellant is a good place to start. Lavender oil, however, is a safe and extremely effective insect repellant that has no side effects. And if you do get bit by one of those pesky bites, rubbing some lavender on the bite will relieve itching and burning and speed up the healing process.

Relief of Eczema

Whether used alone or in combination with other essential oils, the essential oil of the lavender flower can combat the dryness, inflammation and irritation of eczema and dermatitis in a safe and effective way.

Why lavender oil is our favourite?

lavender essential oil✓ Soothing
✓ Relaxing
✓ Antibacterial
✓ Anti-inflammatory
✓ Moisturizing

Add lavender oil to your essential oils collection today!


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