If the skin on your face looks duller than usual it is likely that this is due to prolonged sun exposure. And one of the ways to give back its shine may be to resort to beauty treatments, such as the case of laser peeling.

Laser rejuvenation is a treatment that has the purpose of reducing wrinkles on the face as well as certain irregularities in the skin such as acne, scars or blemishes. This treatment consists of concentrating pulsating rays of light on the irregularities in the skin, thus removing layer by layer the older cells. This treatment is also called Laser beam , laser vaporization or laser exfoliation.laser peeling side effects

What is the laser?

It is a beam of light that is ordered in time and space in wave form. It is an amplified monochromatic luminous radiation, and its energy power has properties that allow the laser to be used for medical purposes.

The rays are addressable and it is possible to focus them. On a small surface it has a high density, and on a larger surface it has less intensity. The beam opens when the distances are long and it is possible to concentrate it at one point.

This laser can be pulsed or continuous emission, in turn, the emission can be infrared, ultraviolet or visible light, each of these types of emissions have different properties, so that each has different precautionary measures.

In what type of cases is the laser peeling indicated?

The laser peeling is indicated to erase wrinkles or fine lines around the eyes, forehead and mouth. It is also frequently used to remove very superficial scars such as acne or when the skin does not have the desired results after deep facial cleansing. In those cases, we can say that you are a candidate for laser facial rejuvenation.

Now, if you have active acne or your skin is very dark, it is possible that this treatment is not for you, nor is it much recommended for stretch marks. However, who will have the last word will be the doctor, who go to a consultation before treatment will indicate which is the best option for you and give you all the necessary advice to make your treatment perfect.

What types of lasers are available for peeling?

Several types of laser, however, the two most used for a facial peeling are the erbium and carbon dioxide laser (CO2). These 2 types of laser vaporize dead skin cells at a superficial level, thus renewing the layers of the skin as if it were a chemical peel.

CO2 laser peeling:

This laser has been used for many years to treat various types of skin problems, among them can mention problems such as warts, scars, wrinkles, enlarged sebaceous glands in the nose and other skin problems.

A new version of the CO2 laser, which uses small beams of pulsed light or continuous light used with a scan pattern to remove the thinner layers of skin, cas without damaging the skin with very little heat. Recovery from this treatment can take about two weeks.

Erbium laser peel:

This type of laser peeling is intended to remove layers of skin in a superficial way, but also for the lines that can be a shallow and wrinkles on the hands, face, chest or neck.

One benefit of this type of laser is burning a small portion of surrounding tissue, thus it gives rise less side effects such as bruising, swelling and redness. His recovery time is less than the CO2 laser peeling even recovery could take up to one week.

Does laser peeling have side effects? Which?

Like all types of treatment, it is possible to accommodate certain types of side effects, such as:

  • Color change.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Recurrence of skin lesions.
  • Result very poor.
  • The results may not be permanent.
  • The healing may take longer than expected.

However, you need not to worry, the doctor will tell you about all this before treatment and tell you how to avoid these side effects.

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