The huge success of our creation is the living proof of the benefits you can achieve when applying Sleep Styler Rollers to your hair. We have come up with the best way to give you those wonderful long lasting curls you always wanted. Our technology uses only what is natural. We guarantee that you can have heatless curls without any damage to your hair!

This is not a promise we make lightly, we have thousands of satisfied experiences from ladies all over the world who sent for our miracle makers and are happy they did. We have heard from happy youngsters to working moms, from teachers to celebrities. Now is your time to be included in this long list of happy users.

Our technique is based on a well-known principle. We have applied the use of all natural process. We all recall those rollers on our grandma’s head. Our mothers and older aunties also spent the whole Saturday with familiar bobs on their heads. We made that into a more natural form of curling your hair heatless, hands free and effortlessly!

How Sleep Styler Rollers were born

Now that we have found a source of inspiration, we had to perfect and adjust to a more practical environment. Our aim was also to create something natural, that is, no damage and no use of hot irons on your follicles.

We softened the rollers, but still they were not adequate for a totally hands free approach. They needed to be fixed with pins, they needed to be covered with headscarves and sometimes left a nasty headache if they were pinned too tightly!

After many trials and errors with different shapes, sizes and consistency, we decided that we could combine the effect of curling and drying at the same time. As well as no need for pins and covers, no heat, no chemicals and no effort. Sounds too good to be true? It’s because it really is!

We were looking for a reduction of hair frizz and a dry effect with the use of Sleep Styler Rollers. We decided to manufacture from a soft hospital grade, anti-allergic microfiber material. They could absorb the excess water and eliminate the risk of fizzing hair. The softness would solve the bulky problem, so you could wear while you are sleeping. They acted as a pillow to your hair.

Now that we had decided for the material, we wanted to make sure anyone could apply to their hair without any risk. They should not cause any side effects and could not have any restrictions. Easy to apply and easy to take them off. In other words, you should be ready in no time at all in the mornings. No more hours in front of the mirror do achieve a decent hairstyle.

The system was created: A heatless curls process whereby any person could achieve an awesome hairstyle in the morning. Totally hands free, natural, and with enough time to spend on something else.

You can apply during the day if you so desire. The results are visible after at least three hours or when your hair dries out. There are no damage to your hair, because there is no need to use nasty hot irons.  In less than 5 minutes in the mornings, you are ready to go!

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How Sleep Styler Rollers work

You can apply these Sleep Sytler Rollers to straighten your hair as well as curl it in the most natural way.

  • Wash your hair thoroughly using any shampoo of your preference. Rinse and use any conditioner you want. You can apply creams and any hair treatment you always do.
  • We recommend that you do not use dryer. Use a towel and dry to almost 80%, leaving a damp sensation on your hair. Remember this is a heatless curls process so nothing hot!
  • You can perform this ritual just before going to bed, or you can do while you are watching TV, reading a book, taking care of the kids or cooking a meal.
  • Gently brush or comb your hair, separating into strands. You must consider the same amount of curls with the number of strands. We suggest you experiment with the amount of curls you want.
  • They are available in two sizes. Large curls and smaller for a more tight curl to our hair. You can apply only one type or you can apply a combination of both sizes.
  • Start rolling hair strands over the rollers. One direction or different directions for a more natural look. Fasten with the straps supplied.
  • Go to sleep.
  • Wake up in the morning, unroll your hair, run your fingers through and you are ready to go! Heatless curls naturally and beautifully!


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