Fifty years ago, most cities were environments where effort was part of everyday life. The body was trained in the physical effort: most children walked to school, most trades had an important physical component (handling, walking …)

Today, physical activity is increasingly confined to an episodic sporting practice. It is clear that this is not without consequences on the formation of the organisms and the relation with the pain, thus on the spine.

Sedentary lifestyle, a danger for your spine

Sedentariness is bad for our back, if in the previous century it was not the predominant evil is good because they were much less sedentary … That is to say, they worked a lot more in the effort, the jobs in the offices were far from being the majority. As a result, by their way of life, they undoubtedly had a much more muscular back and therefore less painful.

Their work, their way of life, could allow them to keep a muscular back and a muscular back is a well maintained back. So you do not risk having problems that can handicap your daily life.

Today, we are very sedentary. Often we do not have time to play sports, in addition to having office work. The back muscles will weaken and be much softer than before. As soon as we are going to do a little bit more work or do a paperwork job, our back is not going to support it and it may make you pay for it by becoming painful.

We also have a whole lot of bad habits that go against the well-being of our back. We must not forget that it is the base, the base of all our organization. All the postures, all the movements that we carry out have a direct repercussion on our back … The fact that it is not tonic and that in more we harash it, result we created the evil of the century. According to the stats, 27% of men and 36% of women suffer from back pain.

How to prevent dangers of sedentariness?

At first, you must find out where back pain comes from, that you can feel. Is it a thundering or rather nagging disease? In which zone is it located? In the top, the middle, the bottom or all over the back area?

Once you are going to perfectly target the origin of the back pain you will be able to act accordingly.  In the case of back pain you can perfectly avoid the drug solutions since it is only a question of bad habits and bodybuilding … If you have a sedentary job, you can do sports to build your muscles either with a sports coach or at home with simple exercises.

Walking with very good shoes is great for your back. In all cases for the well-being of your spine and all the muscles that surround it, it is important in three points to: target, understand, and act.

Once you have returned to sport, you will be able to rethink your habits. For example, if you are sitting in the office, you must be straight and well in the back of your seat. If you are small you can put a foot in order not to be in the void and thus avoid that your back is pulled down.

Also, the use of a posture corrective brace may be helpful for maintaining a correct posture and relieve the back pain.

How can you watchout your posture in your daily routine?

When you sleep

The best sleep position is the fetal position, that is, folded over, knees up and chin down. It respects the natural curvatures of your spine. However, if you cannot fall asleep on the side, it is better to sleep on your back than on the stomach because the ventral position induces a lot of tension in the cervical region and the lumbar region.

While dressing

Just as with every day-to-day activity, it is important to take the necessary time to do so, to avoid any false movement. “A false movement is a sudden, non-harmonious movement that will mobilize your back too quickly and cause muscular tension, so avoid playing contortionists balancing on one foot when you put on your pants and prefer the sweaters with a sufficient opening to pass your head.”

While doing housework

To avoid over-stressing your spine, turn your housework into gym! When vacuuming, avoid leaning forward at all costs, which creates tension in the lower back. Advance with the front leg slightly bent and the back leg extended, blocking the lower back and the pelvis, as if you were advancing with a sword: the spine will balance in the center of the slot you just achieved.


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