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The signs are everywhere. Christmas is coming fast. The music in the stores, decorations of red and green, big statues of Father Xmas in the bank beaming at you with his overflowing bag of presents help you get in the mood. The grocery stores have shelves groaning from the goodies that mark the eating season. Calorie loaded and full of fat and sugar and guaranteed to help you break your fitness and healthy eating lifestyle.

Yes, you can make healthy dinner choices!

Think: lean and fit versus fat and sluggish. This article will help you to see how easy it is to choose and eat the right foods and still enjoy Christmas.

The traditional Christmas dinner

First, let’s break down what we all know to be a traditional Christmas dinner.

When you think of Christmas dinner, what foods do you remember? Is it the traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings? Or, perhaps, your family roasted ham, lamb or beef tenderloin?

First test of the dinner is the fat laden appetizer salad while sipping wine or a Brandy with eggnog and some hot bread. Enough calories right there to sink any resolve you might have to choose wisely plus you are already feeling full.

The trimmings of stuffing, potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and candied carrots or beans, all swimming in serious calories and tasting so wonderful that when we think of dinner at Christmas, we remember that taste.

Then, we all recall that feeling of dessert coming out in all its splendour and crying out your name to eat, eat and drink more. Pumpkin or apple pie, mincemeat tarts, raisin pudding or fruitcake, Xmas log or a flaming Baked Alaska triumphantly tempt you to eat more. Then, there are the cookies and chocolates!
To finish it all off, the after dinner, special drink is offered to help celebrate consuming all that food.

Do you recall the bloated, over-stuffed feeling after pigging out on all that you could? Yes, we all do. Thousands of calories.

Main ingredients for traditional Christmas dinner: grocery list for the above would include a suitcase full of butter, whipping cream, sugar, salt, alcohol, bread and other starches and much more with no added food value.

How to make the Fitness Perspective Christmas dinner

Remember the motto: lean versus fat. The secret is replacing the traditional methods of cooking with healthier choices. This will surprise you but it even tastes better. Don’t aim for that over-stuffed feeling but instead, for the comfortable feeling of just enough.

Make a vow to cook healthy. Use olive oil in place of butter and minimum use of salt and sugar.

  • Sip a small glass of red or white wine
  • Appetizer: Colourful vegetables with Tzatziki /Humus dips and olives
  • A perfect Caesar Salad with healthy homemade dressing
  • Roasted Herb rubbed Turkey stuffed with sweet potato stuffing
  • Home made healthy Cranberry sauce
  • Roast garlic and rosemary potatoes
  • French style beans and candied carrots

Beautiful colours and textures and tastes all tastefully presented and guaranteed to please.

Next step is to go for a walk and feel the fresh air in your lungs and your body feeling absolutely fantastic!

Returning to the warm home, with the candles and soft music, sit and sip a small treat of a superlative sherry, brandy or port.

Then, bring out a special healthy dessert, to mark the special day. Perhaps, a small wine glass, filled with a raspberry trifle would satisfy the craving for dessert.

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