Your dry hair is frizzy? Panic no more, this problem can be solved easily provided you know the right tips. Here they are!

Frizz, what is it?

The frizz is actually the scales of our hair that open and rise. And here we are with our head full of unsightly frizz. They are the result of poorly hydrated hair. This gives rise to a damaged hair, lifeless and very dry.

As well the use of inappropriate shampoo, the humidity of the environment or the excess of chemicals favor the curling of the hair and make them become bristly making it difficult to style with the hair loose. This is a common hair problem especially if you tend to have dry hair – whether smooth or curly!

To solve this, the best way is to adopt a background treatment, that is to say, shampoos, serums, oils etc … Because the emergency care type brushings, hot plates and other aggressive brushing only may lead to dry out the hair fiber even more.

FollicleRx – repairs, nourishes, boost hair growth

Specially formulated for men, regardless of the age and type of hair, Follicle Rx is the natural hair treatment for regeneration of the follicle, strengthening and thickening of the hair, while stimulating hair growth, in order to rejuvenate your appearance. It restores the health of hair follicles while slowly developing levels of self-confidence.

With active components such as Vitamin, B5 (Pantothenic Acid), Follicle Rx Nourishes and strengthens your hairs, while alleviating the common problems associated with hair loss, such as itching and flaking. Horsetail, rich in silica and selenium, visibly stimulates shine, texture and strength, while regulating hair growth.

Para-aminobenzoic acid restores protein stores and protects against the harmful effects of UV rays, while fighting against aging back on follicular. And finally, vitamin H or vitamin B7, contained in biotin are essential in the synthesis of fatty acids, as well as in the process of cell regeneration, thus accelerating hair growth, while ensuring that new follicles are healthy and strong.

Argan oil, an effective solution against frizz

With its vitamin E content, argan oil is a wonderful home remedy against frizz in hair, it provides deep hydration of hair fibers, while helping to discipline the hair and improve the hairstyle. To use it, you only need to apply a few drops of argan oil on wet hair, from the middle to the ends. You can also use it on dry hair to control the crimp and control the most rebellious areas.

The sleep styler, an ally to keep your hair curly!!

Who has not dreamed of going to bed with wet hair and waking up perfectly? Or to comb his hair without using heating devices? It is now possible thanks to the Sleep Styler!

The Sleep Styler is a microfiber cylinder on which one winds his hair in order to curl or smooth them (a bit like a microfiber hair curler!). It is equipped with a strap also microfiber to hold the hair on the Sleep Styler. The Sleep Styler, whatever the model, not only allows to curl the hair, but also to smooth them.

In addition, depending on how you position the hair curlers, you can achieve different results: volume on the top, English buckles, smooth hair on the roots and curly on the lengths.


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