Christmas is just around the corner and that means countless dinner parties. Which means seeing old friends and family, who haven’t seen you for ages, so of course you want to look and feel your best. With the following Christmas makeup tips you will be mistletoe ready or for any other special holiday moments.

Glittery, dashing lips

glittery dashing lipsThe key element to get into the Christmas spirit is by applying some of this year’s glittery holiday makeup, such as Nothing screams Christmas more than a little sparkle on your pout. Slather on your favourite tone of glittery lip-gloss to bring on the Christmas cheer.

Master the look: First, line you lips with a lighter toned lip pencil and add foundation around the corners of your month. Apply a creamy, solid coloured lipstick before applying your sparkly lip-gloss. Make sure you have your glittery lip-gloss in your purse, nearby, as it rubs off quickly with eating or drinking.

Holiday party makeup

You need to look your best for this year’s Christmas parties, so the secret is applying your makeup correctly, so it will stay on all evening. Many times at holiday parties, we are in a cramped space that can cause our party makeup to run.

Master the look: Apply your eye shadow first, as this will prevent it accidently falling on your foundation, causing you to retouch up your holiday makeup. Once you have applied all your makeup, apply a sealing powder to keep everything in place.

Elegant but simple hairdo

elegant but simple hairdoChristmas season is a busy time and there literally is no time for anything extra, meaning you have no time to be fretting and fussing with complicated hairstyles. Plus, the climate takes a toll on your hair, dry environment inside and humid outside. All you need is a simple go-to hair hairstyle that will only take seconds to do – the up ‘do.

Master the look: Twist up one part of the front of your hair and pin in on the back of your head, then do the same on the other front part of your head. Once both parts are pinned to the back of your head, then grab the rest of your hair and form it into a messy bun, tie back. Viola, you have a simple but elegant look for any Christmas engagement.

Hide those tired, weary eyes

hide those tired weary eyesHoliday season is all about late nights and partying, which means even the youngest eyes looking tired and lifeless. You can give your eyes a little perk-me-up with a morning eye massage before you apply your makeup to vanish those puffy eyes.

With clean hands, start at the corner of the upper part of your eyes and lightly rub until your reach the inner part of your eye. Repeat on the lower part of your eyes. Also, avoid applying your blush too close to your eyes, as that can leave you looking even more tired and worn out.

Avoid alcohol

avoid alcohol in christmas partiesWe know that Christmas parties mean being able to sip free Cosmopolitans or a refreshing mojito. But the more alcohol you drink, the more dehydrated you become, meaning your skin begins to dry out, looking dull and greyish.

If you can’t avoid a drink or two at the parties, then make sure you invest in a good quality cleansing milk that contains hyaluronic acid or use after a drinking binge a hydrating face mask to firm up your dry, dull skin. And don’t forget to remove your Christmas makeup before crawling into bed, no matter how late it is.

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