Curls with a gorgeous swing and attracting looks can easily be produced with the help of foam hair rollers. These fluffy cylinders can help create a glamorous hair or add a special touch to a special occasion. They also give a healthy rest to your strands, tired of the constant nasty hot iron.

We have created a step by step guide to show you how to get nice hair curls with foam hair rollers. Just follow the instructions and you are on the way to a nice look. You will be amazed with the results.

How to apply foam hair rollers in 12 easy steps:

 foam hair rollers pink 12 steps

Sep 1: Wash your hair normally. Do this before bed so there is enough time for your strands to dry in style from one day to the next. You can use a normal shampoo and conditioner, as well as your normal cream for hair treatment.

Step 2: Dry your hair with a towel. Do not use hair dryer. If necessary, use a cleansing spray before combing or brushing.

Step 3: Wash your hair and dry it with a towel, leaving it slightly damp at the tips.

Step 4: Wrap the fringe first. Place a roller under the fringe, about 5 cm away from the tips. So, you will have enough hair to curl around and hold the roller. Continue to curl until the roller touches the scalp. Hold firmly to prevent the strands from escaping during your night’s sleep.

Step 5: Separate the rest of your hair into 5 parts: top, sides and the back. Use hair clip to hold the dividers.

Step 6: Begin wrapping the top strand. Try to make equal strands using wide rollers. The strand should be about the width of the roller; the amount of strands per roller depends on how many curls you want.

Step 7: For tighter curls, place the rollers vertically as you wind them up toward the scalp. For loosen curls, position the rollers horizontally.

Step 8: Wrap the side strands, and then the back. Use medium or smaller rollers as you approach the neck area.

Step 9: Prevent crushed curls. They are usually caused by the plastic claw or the roller’s latch. To avoid this problem, after closing the rollers, gently pull the latch down. To hold the roller, use a pin.

Step 10: The next morning, open the latch of each roller and carefully remove them. For a more natural and relaxed look, run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls. If you want to use a brush, just brush it at the tips of the curls.

Step 11: If you prefer, use a fixative spray on your new hairstyle!

Step 12: Voila!

Health issues

When we consider the health aspect of any changes in our lives we have to cater for the issues we have to deal in case something goes terribly wrong. Foam hair rollers are the easiest way to curl your hair, however there is also an alternative for an upgraded version of foam rollers.

Away from any chemicals and possible damages caused by hot iron, we can suggest the use of Sleep Styler Rollers to curl your hair naturally and effortlessly. They are a new version of the well know bobs which our grandmothers used to have on top of their heads. They are foam rollers with a difference, there is no plastic latch or any pin used to keep it in place.

Basically, the instructions are the same as the ones you need to follow to apply foam hair rollers. However, they are manufactured with a soft foam, covered with absorbing fabric and anti-allergic material with its own straps.

When we have set up to research about the most effective and natural way to style our hair, we came across a trend that is growing famous amongst women all over the world. It is a practice, which sprung from Africa and took over the head of the rich and famous. They are the bantu knots.

They are like mini buns, which are done all over the head and after eight hours you can get the effect of curly hair. But, the good thing is that whilst you are waiting your hair to dry, that hairstyle is already appreciated. A combination of bantu knots and foam rollers can be very efficient.

Just after you have the curly effect from foam hair rollers you can use the bantu knots technique in order to make the curls last a lot longer than they would have when done on a dry hair.


  1. Hello, good day! Does this product have its own step by step guide in the package when purchased? This is a good guide. However, I’m not always online to remember all the stated steps in here.


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