Most of us, find it hard enough making time to exercise the rest of the year, but holiday season makes it almost impossible. It seems from Halloween till after New Years, exercise is considered less and less of a priority, especially after eating almost an entire pumpkin pie with eggnog whipped cream.

Keeping up with our workout program just adds extra stress. But girls, remember that exercise helps to reduce stress, tension and increase energy, exactly what you need during the holiday season. Plus not to mention the need to burn off all of those extra calories you are chowing down on.

How can you squeeze exercise into this year’s holiday season without getting stressed out? All you need to do is plan ahead, prepare for any unforeseen occurrences and have a lighter, easier workout plan than you do for the rest of the year.


Often we plan our vacations around winter, to escape the mundane life of the colder months and escape to somewhere warmer. While you are planning your winter get-away, look for options in the area to keep yourself active: Here are some ideas:

  • Look for nearby hiking or walking trails
  • Book a hotel with a gym and make sure it has accessible hours (most are open 24/7)
  • If you are staying with family, get a temporary gym pass or go to the YMCA
  • Plan to take the dog for a good workout while you are visiting your family
  • Plan to do simple home workouts that require little space and zero equipment, if the above options fail

Whatever option you choose on while traveling, make it part of your schedule, then it will be harder to forget about. Once you have made the commitment to get active, it will be easier to squeeze in.

Be prepared

If you know you will staying in your old room at your parent’s house and there is literally no place to exercise nearby and almost no time alone, as they plan on smothering you with unwanted attention. Here are some ideas on how to squeeze in a quick workout, even if you only have a few minutes each day.

  • Plan out a workout that your can do with equipment. Try doing 1 minute of each exercise for a ten minute workout such as squats, jumping jacks, sit-ups, lunges, push ups)
  • Throw some resistance bands into your suitcase, they are lightweight and allows you do some quick strength training wherever your travels might take you
  • If you have Wi-Fi access put on a quick YouTube aerobic video to follow
  • Bring your running shoes with you and try to get out for a quick power walk while the family are resting

Holidays season is all about being with friends and family, invite one of them to join you for a brisk walk around the park or even the block. Probably, they want to get more active, but just need someone to give them that extra push.

Grab the opportunity

We know its cold outside and after turkey dinner, all you want to do is crawl into hibernation mode. But you need to avoid giving into temptation, because once you do, you might as well say goodbye to working out this winter.

Invent ways to get moving, even if it is while doing household chores, like cleaning the house, shovelling the snow or washing dishes. Try parking the car further away, so you can walk a little extra or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

The secret is not to beat yourself up over not keeping up with your weekly workout plan, just do your best and keep as active as possible. Remember that your family and friends have been waiting all year to spend time with you, so try your best and enjoy being with them.



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