Recently, there has been quite a bit of propaganda around different types of girdles that are designed to help women lose weight. But the question is: do they really work to help you get a small waist or is it just another fad?

The reality is that these garments aren’t a new fad but an older item that has been rediscovered. Back to the 19th century, they were used by all women for weight loss and to give themselves that attractive hourglass figure. But back then, these devices were extremely uncomfortable and difficult to put on, causing women everywhere to stop using them.

Many celebrities and real women vouch that girdles have helped them to lose weight and get their newly found hourglass figure. According to them, they help peel off those unwanted pounds around your waist.

How Do These Garments Help You Have a Small Waist?

A waist trainer can be either a wide elasticated belt or a boned silk corset. When used regularly, for up to several hours a day, it begins to train your tummy to hold a smaller and more toned shape. It helps to improve your posture making you look taller, slimmer and more confident.

It also promotes thermogenesis within your body, which means your body ridding itself of unwanted toxins and impurities by perspiring. The shaper promotes perspiration among your waistline, leading to weight loss in the targeted area.

When wearing the garment, it applies tight compression meaning less food intake, thus less calories are consumed. This helps to gain the practice of eating smaller healthier portions. Check this page about the waist training routine for getting more info & tips!

Who Should Get a Corset?

If you have been trying to lose your belly fat but it just doesn’t seem to disappear, this item will help train your muscles where to go.

For those that have just given birth, this garment is ideal for training your abdomen to return to its original position.

This garment is the secret to having the sexy hourglass figure we try to achieve at the gym but with little results.

Those who need to quickly lose two to three inches on their waistline in less than 30 days will want to pay close attention so they can get a tiny waist.

It is ideal for anyone who desires to feel sexier and more confident. It improves your posture and enhances your curves.

Which Garment Works Best for Getting a Tiny Waist?

No matter what type of garment we choose to use, the more often we use it, the better and faster the results and the greater your chances of getting a tiny waist.

But, there are many types of corsets on the market today. They are all recommended for day-to-day use, and instantly take 2 to 3 inches off your waistline. All three of these types of garments improve your posture and prevent overeating.

Traditional Boned Corsets for a Tiny Waist

These are made of silk or leather and other strong fabrics with steel boning that resemble corsets from the 19th century but more comfortable. These devices compress the whole midriff section of your body and are used for more traditional waist training.

These types of corsets can easily be customized as you lose weight, many can be adjusted up to 4 inches.

If you plan on using this type of corset for exercise, it would be wise to look at the following waist trainers. Since the materials in this garments can be harmed by perspiration.

Latex Cinchers to Tighten for a Tiny Waist

This is very similar to a traditional corset with fine boning to compress your tummy into the hourglass shape. The advantage is that the latex material can be worn during exercising, as they are more comfortable and the fabric is more durable.

Latex cinchers stimulate perspiration around your midsection, increasing weight loss in this area. These garments should not be worn more than 4 to 5 hours a day.

These are very affordable and can be worn for several hours a day, while doing all types of activity. This type of shaper helps stimulate perspiration on your body’s core section with or without exercise. It can easily be tightened or loosened. This item can easily be washed in the washing machine.

Which Type is Best For Weight Loss?

All three types of waist reducers promote weight loss, but if you were to just choose one of them, the best choice would be the basic latex waist slimmer. Why? It can be used for long-periods and while doing all types of physical activities and your ability to commit to it will ensure that you get a tiny waist in no time.

Whatever type of trainer you decide on, make sure that you follow a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine for the best results.


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